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Man Rates His GF ‘4 Out Of 10’ But Doesn’t Realise She’s Right Behind Him


Man Rates His GF ‘4 Out Of 10’ But Doesn’t Realise She’s Right Behind Him

Does this count as cheating?

TikToker user @rafreacts3 shared a clip in which a man is asked to rate a photograph of an Instagram model. The anonymous man from London rated the model a ten out of ten with no remorse. He even suggested that the model is wife material. At this point, his GF, who stood unnoticeable behind him, was already outraged

This man (left) slipped himself into the bad books of his GF (right) after rating her four out of 10.


The man then confessed he’s in a relationship and again asked to rate his partner. He responded: “It has to be like a four out of 10,” insisting he doesn’t view the relationship as being long-term. “Yeah, it’s just a quick beat (hook up), and that’s it.” The presenter was left shocked by his comment, stating: “This guy is rude.”

During a Q&A session with TikToker @rafreacts3, the man insisted his GF was just a quick hook-up.


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MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name) – Lil Nas X

He asked the man: “What would you do if I told you your GF is right behind you? The man replied: “No way,” before turning around only to discover his fuming GF, who eventually slapped him hard across the face. TikTokers hurried to comment on the clip that has been viewed over 400K times. “He is like a 0/10 lucky she even gave him the time of day, no respect. What I wanna know is if the man asking the q is single (sic),” One person wrote. 

His GF stood behind him the whole time, but he didn’t notice.


But turning around, the man discovered his fuming GF, who eventually slapped him across the face.


Another added: “She can do better.” While a third was seen praising the GF for not holding back. “She’s ain’t putting up with no s***!! That makes her a 10.” However, a few TikTokers suggested the clip appear like a setup with a fourth saying: “All scripted.”

Here’s How People Reacted To The Clip:

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