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People Can’t Just Stop Talking About Keanu Reeves, 58, Dating An Older Woman


People Can’t Just Stop Talking About Keanu Reeves, 58, Dating An Older Woman

The public’s amusement with Reeves’ relationship with an older woman persists, especially as it was expected of him to date a young, attractive woman.

The pair embraced tightly, sharing a passionate kiss on the red carpet of the Museum of Contemporary Art gala in Los Angeles. While Alexandra Grant shut her eyes and tilted her head, Keanu Reeves looked at his older GF with an affectionate gaze. Their body language reflected genuine love and friendship, as they appeared relaxed in each other’s arms.

Photos of the aged lovers from the event, published online have earned attention, as well as, talks on why Reeves, 58, is dating an older woman. 

People Can't Just Stop Talking About Keanu Reeves, 58, Dating An Older Woman
People Can't Just Stop Talking About Keanu Reeves, 58, Dating An Older Woman

According to Kate Spicerthe pair looked content and happy, challenging societal norms and expectations surrounding relationships and aging. But then, most people seem fixated on the fact that a heartthrob like Keanu Reeves is dating an older woman, as opposed to a young woman with full lips and a heavily altered appearance.

Spicer pointed out that the press often highlights Grant’s gray hair, which adds to the scrutiny.

She claimed it’s unclear what exactly bothers people about the couple’s relationship, stating, ‘Is it their similar ages?” Is it that, while she is a handsome woman, she is not conventionally button-nosed pretty? Nor does she appear to have had cosmetic tweakments to make her look like every other woman in Hollywood.’

Spicer added that, despite Grant’s successful career as a multilingual artist and philanthropist, her physical appearance is always questioned.

She said of the questions: ‘Where are the boobs, hips, and lustrous long hair that suggest she could squeeze out five kids in as many years and do the Pirelli calendar?” That juicy, youthful, fecund look so many women seek to emulate long after that particular evolutionary asset has gone. For it is a truth acknowledged that a hot rich guy should forever be in want of a younger, hotter wife. 

Spicer continued, ‘Unless she has been married to him for aeons, we’ve been indoctrinated to believe that a middle-aged woman just doesn’t sit right with a middle-aged male icon.’

Spicer confessed to being a habitual offender when it comes to celebrity relationships, admitting that she feels surprised when she sees a male celebrity with a “normal” woman. This is not because she’s against such relationships, but because they are so rare, like albino tigers or Liberal Democrat MPs. She believes that male vanity is to blame for the obsession with young, attractive partners. 

‘Insecure men need validation of their own significance, so young, hot babes are as much an accessory to their ego as big watches, noisy cars, and all that bellowing about their assets,’ Spicer stated. 

Women, as per statistics, may stress about going gray, but they don’t necessarily seek out much younger partners to validate their attractiveness. However, men like Keanu Reeves and Pierce Brosnan, who refuse to conform to these societal expectations, are the exception to the rule. Spicer pointed out that Brosnan defended his wife of 30 years, Keely Shaye Smith, against fat-shaming trolls and declared his love for her curves.

Spicer [pictured] alleged that Brosnan, 69, and Reeves share a similar experience that may explain why they appear to be more evolved than other men in Hollywood. 

People Can't Just Stop Talking About Keanu Reeves, 58, Dating An Older Woman
People Can't Just Stop Talking About Keanu Reeves, 58, Dating An Older Woman

‘Brosnan’s first wife died of cancer, while Keanu’s ex, Jennifer Syme, died in a car crash in 2001, aged 28, shortly after they lost their first child to stillbirth. The tragedy and his grief deepened his distance from the looks-obsessed inanity of Hollywood.’ Spicer revealed she had the opportunity to meet Reeves in the 1990s when they were researching a magazine piece. 

She said of her meeting with Reeves, ‘The man I found clearly did not believe the hype that surrounded his starry career and longed for a normal life.‘It doesn’t surprise me that today he feels no need to assert his masculinity by having a babe at his side. He is an oasis in a desert of emotionally shallow male narcissists. Of course, if women were a bit braver about looking their age, men might be forced to change.’

Alexandra Grant attended a celebrity-filled dinner party in Beverly Hills shortly after their relationship was revealed in 2019, and insisted that beauty was ‘something you can see with your eyes closed’. Spicer said of the moment, I wish — but it’s a laudable sentiment and it went down well with the stellar attendees. Yet none of them had let their hair go gray. Demi Moore, then in her late 50s, had Morticia Addams-like jet-black hair.’

‘The rest were in their late 40s: Gwyneth Paltrow with quiet, tasteful, East Coast American honey hair, Kate Hudson and celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe both with the sexier West Coast blonde locks that spell youth.’

People Can't Just Stop Talking About Keanu Reeves, 58, Dating An Older Woman
People Can't Just Stop Talking About Keanu Reeves, 58, Dating An Older Woman

She continued, ‘Because let’s not pretend that when we see grey-haired female stars on the red carpet, we don’t notice it. We do — and perform a mental assessment of their s*x appeal. Grey hair shouts that you are sexually past your fertile prime (the model Erin O’Connor went gray for a while, but I notice she has returned to black. One wonders, did the work dry up?)’

Spicer alleged that the truth is that a lot of us tend to die with hair that hasn’t been allowed to go gray.

She stated further, ‘My mouse-brown hair was red when I spotted the first gray hair, then a lush brown, then blonde. Endless shades of blonde. The reasons I let go of the façade have cost and the fact that I was finding it increasingly hard to be convinced by it myself. Abandoning the hair dye was, in a way, also the abandonment of my ambition to achieve textbook sexual attractiveness. I was almost saying: ‘I give up. Yes, everybody, look at me, my ovaries are useless. Perhaps I am too!’

‘My boyfriend – a younger man, if you’re interested – just lets me get on with life, but occasionally he might ask me if I want to dye my hair again — once when he was drunk, he even asked if I wanted to have a boob job. “No thanks,” I said. Is he joking? He says he likes my gray hair and the way my body has changed, but I’m not sure how I feel about it. We women live in a world where we are never good enough. Maybe we are worse than men at judging our looks against what we see on red carpets.’

Spicer concluded that reactions to Reeves and Grant say quite a lot about people’s prejudice and, actually nothing about the happy couple.

One of Grant’s circles, writer Elise Loehnen, has said her friend is ‘so much more than her hair color and her famous life partner’. Spicer stresses that Elise was right and that Grant looks like someone who thinks she is enough, adding, ‘What is truly shocking about a picture of a loved-up couple of fiftysomethings is that we – including me – give a fig about it. For all people’s talk about equality, we have barely budged on this debate. 

She also stated, ‘It’s a little bit more accepted in Hollywood for women to look older and grayer, but no matter how many kisses Keanu and Grant exchange on the red carpet, our attitude to natural aging is still one of disgust.

People Can't Just Stop Talking About Keanu Reeves, 58, Dating An Older Woman
People Can't Just Stop Talking About Keanu Reeves, 58, Dating An Older Woman

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