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Someone Compares Keanu Reeves And His GF To Howl’s Moving Castle Characters And It’s Perfect


Someone Compares Keanu Reeves And His GF To Howl’s Moving Castle Characters And It’s Perfect

Have a long-lasting romantic life, Reeves & Alexandra!

A lot of people won’t have gotten obsessed with some things if not for the internet. Lately, internet users have been coming together to hype Keanu Reeves. And yes, it’s all mostly positive.

A striking content shared concerning the actor is a side-by-side comparison of him and his alleged girlfriend Alexandra Grant and howl’s moving castle characters. 

Everyone is agreeing to the fact that the two pair resembles Sophie and Howl from Studio Ghibli’s classic movie.

A die-hard fan has compared Keanu and Grant to characters from Howl’s moving castle


Bringing about a side-by-side comparison pictures of the couple

Keanu, 55, has over time been private about his life, but not any longer. He was spotted holding hands with Alexandra at a public appearance and witnesses were quick to believe that the two are dating.


And sincerely, it seems like the case as no disagreeing comment has been made by the duo.


Witnesses were quick to assume that Keanu Reeves and Alexandra Grant, an Artist were dating

Capital pictures/Scanpix

The pair recently attended the LACMA Art + Film event in LA and were seen lovingly holding hands. Their photos spread from one news platform to the other and on their personal social media accounts.

With people praising Reeves for finally getting a romantic life, some found some grounds to discuss Reeves’ choice.

The two were spotted at the LACMA Art + Film event in LA and as the pair held hands, people concluded they were hanging out as lovers


Most especially as Keanu and Alexandra had earlier been spotted together


They both share a longtime friendship as well


And have embarked on successful art projects together


Studio Ghibli’s Howl’s Moving Castle Comparison

Its Star Characters, Sophie and Howl

Check out how people on the internet reacted

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