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Woman Found Out Her Jailed Boyfriend Was Cheating On Her Through McDonald’s Meals


Woman Found Out Her Jailed Boyfriend Was Cheating On Her Through McDonald’s Meals

They were in a relationship for 5 years.

Jana Hocking spoke up in a candid interview with host Samantha Wills on her younger years dating experience in ‘Kinda Sorta Dating.’ The 36-year-old, who was still in university, shared how she found out her boyfriend of five years had been cheating on her. She also dubbed this as her “rock bottom” dating moment.

All because of him going to McDonald’s without her.


Jana shared that she was so in love with this boy, she’d drive him to the detention center every week. But on Sundays, she cannot pick him up as she needs to drive to Bathurst to attend her university. The “naughty boy” would then call his second girlfriend to do the deed and Jana didn’t know this.

She explained, “I was going out with a really naughty boy, he went to jail, well, weekend detention.”

“He was the worst boyfriend in the whole world, and I used to go pick him up from weekend detention while I was doing my journalism degree,” she continued.

It wasn’t until her mother’s friend spotted her boyfriend having a meal at McDonald’s with another woman.

She continued, “Listen, I’ll say I had a thing for a bad boy, but the past proves it’s a pattern.”

Sam, who was surprised to hear about her story, commented, “That’s a whole new level, that’s not like he wears black and a leather jacket, that’s like he wears stripes and an orange jumpsuit.”

“When we finally broke up, I found out that a girl used to come and pick him up.”

“On Sundays, I used to have to go back to Bathurst for university so I couldn’t pick him up from his little weekend detention, so she would come pick him up. And the reason I found out is because my mum’s best friend saw them at McDonald’s together.”

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