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Viral Time-Lapse Video Of Blizzard In Canada Shows Snow Piling As High As Roof


Viral Time-Lapse Video Of Blizzard In Canada Shows Snow Piling As High As Roof

It summed up to more than a meter high of snow.

Canada is cold, it can never be said enough. Recently in Newfoundland, however, people are seeing at a whole new level of coldness and blizzard. People living in the city had to shut down their businesses and nobody goes out throughout the day. This winter is the harshest, yet.

People are posting videos from their front porch and pictures before, during and after the blizzard. One of them is a time-lapse video of 30 seconds that shows how scary blizzard can be in Canada. Green Lemon wishes everyone in Newfoundland to stay safe and warm!

Someone posted a video from their porch camera that showed how scary the blizzard was.

It quickly piled up almost as far high as the roof.

Skeptics like to take these opportunities that climate change and global warming are not happening. After all, it was warming at all in this part of the planet, but climatologists explain that climate change is more than the earth simply warming up.

Remember the polar vortex? That mass of cold air usually travels through paths that are easily predictable. But recently, the risk of it taking a new path is getting bigger partly due to temperature changes. This arctic weather may ‘escapes’ to a different part of the world.

As a result, the polar vortex will happen in more places and more commonly in the future.

The snow is piling up so much it rang the doorbell.


*Knocks on the door*. Do you want to build a snowman?


When you’re bored at home and it’s a blizzard out there.


It’s winter wonderland in Cape Bonavista.


All you need is a good sense of humor in the middle of the cold.


This gorgeous driveway that looks like it’s bringing you to a new world.


Yeah, blizzard can do this.

Dog contemplating on what’s going on.


It’s never too cold for a romantic night out. Right?


Son and his new driver license forgot about the sunroof.


A severe snowstorm has caused by citizens to lose electricity and it was so thick that some people couldn’t get out. State of emergency has been declared and soldiers were sent to aid in clear-up. People had to climb to their second floor to get out or wait for help.

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