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30 Hilarious Comics That Perfectly Show Daily Struggles Of Winter


30 Hilarious Comics That Perfectly Show Daily Struggles Of Winter

It’s freezing cold, depressing and impossible to be fashionable.

Winter is coming, can you feel the cold air, yet? Days where you can come out without your jacket is close to over. No more painful sun rays because it’s time for painful cold breeze! Yes, winter is here.

And with that comes out your winter clothes. It’s always a battle with yourself as you still want to look fashionable, yet, the cold wind is not letting you walk around long enough mattress-size layers of clothes. Not to mention the depression that comes from not having enough sun rays.

And you’re not alone, because Green Lemon has came upon a range of hilarious comics that will definitely reflect what you’re feeling.

Meanwhile, Australians have to prepare the hottest times of the year.

1. Sun can’t hear you no more.

Nothing Suspicious

2. These tights will never get it right.

Becky Barnicoat Comics

3. The truth about women in winter:

Cassandra Calin

4. It’s a true challenge of my life.

Natalya Lobanova

5. Winter killed spring.

Shen Comix

6. True story.

Loryn Brantz

7. It looks great, even in death.

jake likes onions

8. Every single morning during winter be like:

Cassandra Calin

9. That friend that never has enough time for you.

10. How daylight saving time feels.

Hedger Humor

11. Why am I living here…?

12. Cold feet gets fun, however.

kyshy on Deviantart

13. Meanwhile in Canada:

14. Everyone and everything oversleeps.

Nathan W Pyle

15. True struggle of waking up during wintertime.

Sarah Andersen

16. Congrats to everyone born in this month! You’ve passed another hellish year in your life.

Nathan W Pyle

17. Feels like your lips are shedding its skin.

Becky Barnicoat Comics

18. It is cold, wet and VERY cold.

Art by Moga

19. There is snow, and then death.

Fowl Language Comics

20. Good Lord give thy strength to me.

Sarah Andersen

21. All those new coats never see the bright light of day.

Planet Prudence

22. Well, guest it’s that time of the year again.

Lunar Baboon

23. This is how blizzard happens.

The Pigeon Gazette

24. Every.single.year.

Owl Turd

25. Whatever happened to me?

Art by Moga

26. Cravings become uncontrollable.

Nathan W Pyle

27. Secret Santa.


28. Static electricity curse.

Loryn Brantz

29. Spartan training by parents proven to be useful.

The Pigeon Gazette

30. The wind never blows the right direction for you.

Dasha Horb

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