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You Can Enjoy The Dark Side This Winter With Jet-Black Christmas Trees


You Can Enjoy The Dark Side This Winter With Jet-Black Christmas Trees

Time for a little black this winter.

The tradition of celebrating Christmas especially for the Christians come naturally with having a pine tree. It’s always the time kids wait for as they get to decorate and add the star on top. It’s all fun, but at the same time, you also have to constantly clean the surroundings area remembering it is a live tree.

But faux tree has been the trend lately as they are easier to customize and have that ideal perfect look. They last for years when take care of and can even come in all sorts of colors!

White for snow on pine trees seem to make this look extra pure with its white furniture surrounding.

Instagram | @blendedfarmhouse

Others like to add their favorite flower, like this sunflower-covered tree!

Instagram | @bre7313

But if there’s one color that’s been stealing the attention, that would be black.

Instagram | @theblondewanders

It’s closing in to Halloween after all and having such a cheery decoration certainly does not fit the mood. But a black Christmas tree, now that’s what I’m talking about!

It was probably unthinkable for some to use a color people commonly correlate with darkness for a Christmas tree.

Instagram | @tarynwilliford

Instagram | @megz_74

But being faux and all, several people have actually taken a liking to this! And it is extremely great for people who love black.

Instagram | @strawberry.road

You can check out Amazon for starters.

Instagram | @fatkittee

But if black is too much for you, maybe this unicorn-derived Christmas tree is your cup of tea?

Instagram | @the_tiffany_jean

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