20 People Share Astonishing Pics And Videos Of The Flooding In New York City

20 People Share Astonishing Pics And Videos Of The Flooding In New York City

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The tropical storm Ida hit NYC and brought with it torrential rain that causes floods in the middle of the city. National Weather Service had to issue flash flood warnings a few days ago for the first time in the city’s metropolitan area.

And as people watched a small part of history being made, everyone took out their smartphone to film some of the most severely affected areas. From the toilet to the streets, here are 20 tweets to recap on what happened.

1. Even her own toilet is affected.

2. Near Central Park Avenue in Scarsdale, North NYC.

3. Totally normal.


4. The water bursts in, and people just watched in disbelief with their phones out.

One took a closer video of the situation.

5. There’s a literal geyser in the middle of the street.

6. A never-before-seen situation is the streets turning into literal rivers.

7. The staircase is now a tiny waterfall.

8. One of the worst times for homeowners: the rain will ruin a lot of houses.

9. It’s a pool at the Stadium.


10. The Newark Airport is not spared either.

11. The baggage area is flooded, and we hope nobody’s baggage is swept away!

12. Flood has also caused trash bags to float and get carried away.

13. Subway stations are the first affected by the flash flood.

14. They’re just pouring in from everywhere.

15. But the working class still gotta work.

16. Near the Bronx area, cars were rushing to get out of the rivers.

17. Never park in the wrong place during a flash flood.

18. The heavy rain with wind is also causing electrical problems.

19. People living on ground floors have no choice but to just watch.

20. Tropical Storm Ida submerging part of NYC will become an unforgettable memory.