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TikToker Jack Wright Accuses Fellow Influencer Sienna Mae Of Sexually Assaulting Him Four Times


TikToker Jack Wright Accuses Fellow Influencer Sienna Mae Of Sexually Assaulting Him Four Times

Despite the allegations, Jack has taken no action.

Over the weekend, Jack Wright uploaded a 17-minute video titled “What Sienna Mae Did To Me” on his YouTube Channel. It detailed a string of four instances of alleged assaults by his former high school friend Sienna Mae Gomez, including one in Hawaii that was caught on clip in May 2021. In particular, the video showed just how Gomez straddled, groped, and kissed him when Wright was incapacitated.

Jack Wright has publicly accused fellow influencer Sienna Mae Gomez of sexual assault.

Wright recounted four incidents, including stripping him naked, straddling him, and breaking into his home.

“The Hawaii incident happened where I was passed out, unconscious almost like the whole night. She got on top of me, took advantage of me, groped me,” Wright claimed, adding that he was glad his friends pulled her off him. Lachlan Hannemann, one of Wright’s friends, has since shared a video saying he was the one that pulled Gomez off Wright while condemning her attitude. 

Mason Rizzo, a friend of Wright’s, had initially posted TikToks and tweets accusing Gomez of attacking Wright.

Stephen Cassidy via YouTube

Another TikToker had also shared a video that appeared to show Gomez kissing an unconscious Wright.

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Stephen Cassidy via YouTube

But in a statement released to Yahoo, 18-Year-Old Gomez has since denied the allegations, calling the claims fictitious and an act of slander. She claimed she and Wright were in a consensual and cordial relationship and even slammed him for slut shaming her. “Not only are these attacks baseless and false,” the statement read. 


thank you for giving me time the full video is on youtube. link in my bio.

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But Gomez has continuously denied the allegations.

It added: “The release of his most recent video is indicative of the public narrative that Jack and some of his friends hope to use as a crutch to further their lies. Those who have collaborated, in this act of slander, did so with the motivation to further associate themselves with Sienna after their professional relationship and therefore their claim to any portion of her substantial success were terminated.”

“Looking back now, I don’t know why I stayed friends with her, stayed around her,” Wright insisted.

Sienna Gomez/YouTube

On May 30, 2021, Wright’s friend, Mason Rizzon, first brought attention to the alleged assault in a series of TikTok and Twitter posts. But it wasn’t until this past Friday that Wright explicitly addressed the accusations, claiming that Hannemann’s account of the incident is correct. The teen alleged he was passed out unconscious when Gomez got on top of him. 

In a statement, Gomez called the allegations “baseless and accused Wright of a “campaign to slander” her.

“Honestly, I’m glad that they have evidence. After Sienna found out about the video, she said sorry. She said if this got out, she would be done, that it’s horrible and she’s working on boundaries, and she was seeking therapy,” Wright, according to Daily Mail, explained. However, the three other incidents had included Gomez going wholly naked and straddling him while he was just chilling on the bed.” 

Gomez’s reps have since claimed Wright’s claims began after Sienna wished to end their relationship.

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Sienna Gomez/Jack Wright via YouTube

Wright described this incident as weird/random and claimed Gomez would apologize, but such things kept happening. He also accused her of angrily confronting him at a party because he was taking photos with other women.” Wright said Gomez asked to speak with him in another room, where she pulled him in, grabbed him, and tried to make out with him before he told her to leave. 

In a YouTube clip, Gomez said she and Wright never did anything more than kiss.

The third is that Gomez would frequently break into his home while he was asleep.” Wright explained that on one night, she started ripping off his clothes, touching his crotch area, trying to make out with him. He claimed he urged Gomez to stop repeatedly and ended up sleeping on the floor. Another happened at a party’s bathroom, where Wright claimed Gomez sat on a counter and wrapped her legs against him. 

She insisted: “I have never seen, felt, or touched him naked.”

He stated: “Looking back now, I don’t know why I stayed friends with her, stayed around her. I truly thought she was going to change.” However, Gomez’s representatives have since claimed Wright’s allegation is a “calculated action to hinder, hurt and harm not only Gomez’s reputation and livelihood but her as an individual human being as well. Hence, Sienna unequivocally denies the accusations.

The Full Video Of Jack Wright’s Allegations.

The Video Of Gomez Addressing The Allegations.

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