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Robert Irwin Is Almost Eaten By A Huge Crocodile At Australia Zoo

Robert Irwin Is Almost Eaten By A Huge Crocodile At Australia Zoo

He’s less traumatized and doing fine.

Robert Irwin, the son of Steve “The Crocodile Hunter,” recently tested whether Casper’s, a rare leucistic saltie was comfortable enough with his new enclosure to be featured in shows at the zoo in Queensland. But unfortunately, the animal ignored the food offered and made a beeline for the teen, snapping its jaws. 

Robert Irwin documented the conclusion of Crikey! It’s the Irwins on his Instagram and TikTok.

In the video, he attempted to feed Casper, a 13-foot leucistic saltwater crocodile, at the Australia Zoo.

As a result, Robert, 18, was forced to run, shouting bail, bail, bail as he fled the approaching reptile. The footage of the incident was from the season finale of the U.S TV show Crikey! It’s the Irwins, and it showed he narrowly escaped the crocodile’s jaw. Casper is reportedly a leucistic saltwater crocodile who dramatically reduces dark skin pigment and appears lighter in color to other crocs. 

In his caption, the 18-Year-Old branded the encounter “one of the most intense croc feeds I’ve done.”

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@robertiirwin The Season Finale Of Crikey It’s The Irwin’s #foryoupage #viral #fyp #robertirwin #steveirwin #australiazoo original sound – Robertiirwin

It showed when Robert attempted to coax the 13-foot crocodile out of the water with a small carcass.

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But Robert was then heard loudly screaming “bail” and seen running away as the crocodile lunged toward him.

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The Australian Zoo shared his condition means he would’ve been predated on at a young age in the wild. They equally described Casper, the 3.7metre, 350kg beast, as one of the most aggressive crocodiles ever seen. It has since been paired up with a female saltwater crocodile with the same condition named Wendy. 

With his sister, Bindi, and mom, Terri, Robert has continued Steve’s work at the Zoo after he died in 2006.

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Casper is a leucistic Saltwater Crocodile suffering from a dramatic reduction in dark skin pigment.

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Australian Zoo
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Casper has since been paired up with a female saltwater crocodile with the same condition at the zoo.

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It would be recalled that Robert’s dad, Steve Irwin, had died in 2006 while filming a documentary in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. At the time, he was 44-Year-old. He passed away after being pierced in the chest by a short-tail stingray. However, Robert appeared less traumatized over the weekend as he took a walk with his niece Grace Warrior and brother-in-law Chandler Powell. In an image shared by Bindi Irwin, the trio took a relaxing stroll with Chandler pushing Grace’s pram and Robert holding his dog. 

Robert’s dad Steve was known for his encounters with several animals, but a stingray killed him.

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Bindi (right) and her husband Chandler Powell welcomed their daughter Grace Warrior last March.


Over the weekend, Robert had a less traumatic time taking a walk with his niece Grace and Chandler.

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