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Extremely Cute Possum Appear Honestly Sorry For Trashing Woman’s Office


Extremely Cute Possum Appear Honestly Sorry For Trashing Woman’s Office

Resigned, a bit shy and scared!

Bree Blakeman on arriving her office on Monday opened the door and found the whole place trashed.  Working as a research fellow at the Australian National University In Canberra, Blakeman believed someone might have broken into her office.

Her cherished Aboriginal bark paintings, as well as maps, were scattered across the floor while books had fallen off from the shelves. Accordingly, there was a hole in the office’s ceilings with dislocated tiles lying on the ground beneath.


Scanning through her office to see what else got damaged, Blakeman realized she wasn’t alone. ‘It wasn’t until I went closer to check my computer that I noticed a fluffy little face staring at me. That was when I noticed the toilet droppings and urine everywhere. It all made sense.’ Blakeman told BuzzFeed News.

The Intruder, an Australian possum had obviously made its way into the office through the roof. ‘It appeared resigned, a bit shy and scared. With the number of books that fell from the shelves, I think it must have tried to climb up the shelves to get up a number of times. It later got exhausted.’ Blakeman added.

Feeling concern for the animal, Blakeman gave it some water, a piece of carrot and said a few kind words to the possum before shutting the door and calling for rescue.

Sharing the whole to twitter, Blakeman soon realized that the possum is very relatable.

Shortly after, hundreds of people responded to talking about her furry visitor

A box trap with fruit was, however, placed in the office to entice the possum in the hopes of relocating it safely. But Australia’s recent crisis of wild weather conditions got in the way. The ANU Campus was closed, after being hit by a severe hail storm. Hence, the possum occupied the office the following afternoon.

In all, the Possum departed Blakeman’s office of its own accord. She revealed: ‘I just got an email saying the possum has made its own way out of the room! After resting well, it managed to climb back up through the hole in the ceiling.’

Urging people to donate to charities in a bid to rescue wildlife, Blakeman was obviously not worried about the damage done to her belongings.

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