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Man Spent $23,000 To ‘Become A Wolf’ Just Wants To Be Free Of Human Relationships


Man Spent $23,000 To ‘Become A Wolf’ Just Wants To Be Free Of Human Relationships

“I was amazed at my transformed self in the mirror.”

A Japanese spent $23,000, or 3 million yen, to become a wolf. To be precise, he commissioned them a hyper-realistic costume of a wolf that can stand on its hind legs. And after all this, Ueda Toru the commissioner feels absolutely satisfied for feeling no longer “human.”

Japanese man becomes wolf 1
Japanese man becomes wolf 2

Everyone has their own method to relax and destress and for Ueda, that’s this wolf costume.

Japanese man becomes wolf 4

Ueda’s gorgeous costume was made by Zeppet, a professional company that specializes in making realistic costumes and models for TV shows and films. Ueda was satisfied with the result and spoke to The Times, “When I wear my costume I feel I’m no longer human.”

“I’m free of human relationships. All kinds of troubles, related to work and other things – I can forget about them.”

He also shared how did his passion to become a wolf started, “Because of my love for animals since childhood and some realistic animal suits appearing on TV, I dreamed of “being one someday.”

Japanese man becomes wolf 3

While he loves being a wolf, he’s not planning to wear it out and about. But he enjoys inviting friends over for some drinks while wearing his suit.

Japanese man becomes wolf 5

He shared with Zeppet when he finally received his commissioned costume, “It was a moment when my dream come true.”

“My order to “look like a real wolf walking on hind legs” was difficult – to say the least – but the complete suit looked exactly like what I imagined.”

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