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Owner Finds A Baby Possum Hanging On Her Dog’s Back


Owner Finds A Baby Possum Hanging On Her Dog’s Back

None of the dogs appeared worried about the little wild creature.

It can really be a frightful sight when you see little animals clinging to your pets, the first instinct would probably be that they are either feeding on the pet as a parasite or trying to cause some level of contamination to the pet. Nevertheless, having certain small animals holding to a pet can be reinterpreted as an awesome sight.

Sally Watkinson, the owner of the Puli dog was mesmerized to find an Australian baby ringtail possum hanging on the back of her dog. The fascinated woman decided to share this adorable sight with the rest of the world through her Facebook page.

She shared the images of the cute little possum hanging on to her dog Kanto’s back and also noted that this is not just the first time it’s happening, but the second. Sally at first noticed a little possum clinging to the back of one of her pets. Fortunately, none of her dogs appeared to have noticed or cared about the little wild creature.

Sally’s partner Jon took his time searching for animal control units to come help detach the female possum from the dog’s back.

Eventually, he got the wildlife rescue unit who took the possum from the dog’s back and transported it to the wildlife care unit while Sally and Jon took their dog to the vet for a proper check-up in case of any hurt or contamination.

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An Australian woman was fascinated by the little possum she found clinging to the back of her dog

Just two days after the first incident, Sally shared an update on her Facebook page that the same incident occurred again with her other dog Hugo.

This time it was a male possum Sally revealed. She also noted that the nurse was quite shocked when they arrived at the vet but said the pet would be fine.

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