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Artist Illustrates Hilarious Comics About Cats And Dogs


Artist Illustrates Hilarious Comics About Cats And Dogs

Every dog or cat owner will relate to.

Do you guys know Beanie? No? Well, it’s time to get to know this up and coming artist because she’s one of those genuine people who we can all relate to. Not to mention she has a really adorable art style.

But the most important thing here is that she draws incredible adorable comics and illustrations of life for pet owners. She doesn’t own a pet but can’t stop her love of dogs and cats, pointing out every single adorable one of the streets and most importantly, draw about them!

Additionally, she also draws other things related to daily lives and funny instances she encounters in life.

More info: Instagram | Facebook

Scroll down below for the cute comics!

When you have to work but the dog is just too cute

The tragedy of accidentally stepping on your pet’s paw

4 cute things that dogs do

4 cute things that cats do

When dogs get the zoomies

Cats are mysterious cuddly creatures

Pointing out dogs

Dogs make everything better

You will find me where the dogs are

Dog spotting difficulties

A not-so-subtle hint for a belly rub

Blessed by a cold-nose boop

When a cute dog passes me by on the street

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