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Robert Irwin Fights Back Tears While Discussing The Impact Of The Australian Bushfires


Robert Irwin Fights Back Tears While Discussing The Impact Of The Australian Bushfires

What an honest reaction!

As the world witnessed the heartbreaking bushfires ablaze in Australia, many individuals are having/facing terror in reality.

With several firefighters giving it all to fight the terror and in saving adorable Australian wildlife, the impact is undoubtedly huge that it could be challenging for one to wrap around the head.

However, the son of the popularly known ‘Crocodile Hunter’ Robert Irwin on explaining the real scale of the damage caused by wildlife with his Mother Terri was witnessed fighting back his tears.

Terri, speaking on the impact of the bushfire on the Koala population revealed half a billion animals have potentially lost their lives in Australian bushfires.

Assisting over 90,000 animals in the ongoing Australian bushfire, the Irwin family is recognized for their love for animals.

Robert Irwin and Mom Terri Spoke With Sunrise Explaining The Real Impact Of The Bushfires On Australian Wildlife

Reports have estimated that Australia has lost half a billion animals in the bushfires while hundreds of thousands of native animals have been heavily injured. Many individuals across the country have also been assisting the injured animals and veterinary clinics are available on the front lines

‘We are able to offer a safe haven for wildlife needing help.’ Terri told Sunrise. On the other hand, Robert continued revealing they’re seeing all kinds of injured animals, but currently attending to koalas, platypus, birds, possums and other types of animals being cared for at the purpose-built facility.

While Terri Was Explaining The Current State Of The Koala Population, 16-Year-Old Robert Had A Challenging Time Holding Back Tears

‘Koala instinct is to go up, as their safety is perceived on top of a tree. Eucalyptus trees have so much oil that they ignite and explode in fire. Meaning being able to treat and assist koalas is few and far between they’re basically burned.’ Terri added.

It Might  Be Necessary To Enlist Koalas As Endangered Species

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