Young Kangaroo Begs Boy For Help After Being Burnt In Bushfires

Young Kangaroo Begs Boy For Help After Being Burnt In Bushfires

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A young Kangaroo in New South Wales was recently spotted begging for assistance after suffering severe burns in the ongoing Australian bushfires.

Approaching a teenage boy in a bid to be drenched with water and to give it a drink, the fate of the animal at first was clearly unknown.

Matrix/Daily Mail Australia
Matrix/Daily Mail Australia

But luckily, reports are confirming that the young kangaroo was able to survive and presently being nursed back to health. On the other hand, half a billion animals are reported to have died from the incident.


A lot had also been euthanized as they were unable to stay alive from their severe burns. Ecologists equally estimated that over 500,000 animals have lost their lives in the huge fires currently spreading across Australia.


Devastating videos, images, and stories have been surfacing, revealing heartbreaking scenes that have been caused by the fires.

With the fires in Australia said to 5 be times larger than that of the Amazon, Authorities are urging residents and guests to evacuate from their homes and location to safer areas.

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Specifically, Rog Rogers – the State Rural Fire Service Deputy Commissioner has urged people close to the bushfires to evacuate, admitting that 4 people have already passed away in their cars after leaving too late.

‘We understand people have got a little bit of fire tiredness they’ve been dealing with for months. But we need people to also stray focused. Tomorrow is not the day nor time to drop off guard, so take each day seriously. If you are in those areas where maps are placed, don’t be there.’ Rogers said.