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Scuba Diver Encountered With A 7m-Long Giant Anaconda


Scuba Diver Encountered With A 7m-Long Giant Anaconda

What an incredible close up to the giant anaconda!

A diver has managed to capture on camera the terrifying moment he came face-to-face with a giant anaconda.

Friend Juca Ygarape and the identified diver named Bartolommeo Bove were diving in the Formoso River in Brazil when they came across a Green Anaconda.

Dubbed as the largest living snake in the world, the event occurred in July and in the clip seen, the Anaconda measuring seven meters, about 23ft was lying on the riverbed.

The clip captured the giant creature facing the camera front-on and flicking out its tongue before deciding to slither away from Bove, who was holding the camera. And Instead of swimming off and screaming out loud as expected, Bove followed the snake, determined to get a better view of the reptile.

In all, his determination paid off and he indeed managed to capture some incredible footage of the creature. He’s indeed courageous!

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