Mom Slammed For Asking How To Tell Her Daughter She Doesn’t Want To See Her Anymore Once She Turns 18

Parent Slammed For Asking How To Tell Her Daughter She Doesn’t Want To See Her Anymore Once She Turns 18

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Parent’s love might be unconditional, but when a child turns 18, a few parents feel their legal obligation to support their kids’ comes to an end financially. In fact, parents can legally evict their child, but such an act doesn’t prevent the child from coming to visit once in a while. Accordingly, it’s natural for parents to get a little emotional when kids turn 18 but turned out a few actually don’t care.

In our today’s society, some parents can’t just wait for their kids to grow up so they can send them out of their lives forever. And a good example is this parent who recently took to Quora to ask a truly provocative question. ‘Should I inform my 17-year-old daughter that I don’t want to see her anymore once she turns 18? I literally don’t have a legal responsibility for her once she turns 18 or even 21.’ The parent queried.

Instantly, the question sparked outrage while also resulting in divided opinions. A few internet users were quick to criticize the parent and share their personal experiences about being kicked out by their parents at around the same age.

A Parent Took To Quora Asking If It’s Appropriate To Send Out Their Daughter Once She Turns 18


Some internet users supported the decision, and a small fraction felt it was crucial to dig more before judging the matter, especially as life is not often black and white. However, no one can tell if the parent could be dealing with an incredibly challenging teen or perhaps are faced with extreme difficulties; hence, they might not be evil as presumed.

While all parents love their children, the parent-kid bonds are meant to last forever, and evidently, this parent is entirely honest about their feelings towards their daughter. Of course, from a human perspective, the idea is quite appalling, but from a legal viewpoint, although largely dependent on what part of the world you reside in, legal responsibilities towards a child end at 18.

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