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Actress, 68, Welcomes Baby Via Surrogate, Says Child Is Biologically Of Her Late Son


Actress, 68, Welcomes Baby Via Surrogate, Says Child Is Biologically Of Her Late Son

Legally, the little girl will be the actress’ daughter but will always know that Obregón is her grandma.

The actress has officially cleared up the rumors that she’s become a mom for the second time at 68. Ana Obregón clarified that the newborn is the daughter of her late son, Aless Lequio, whom she shares with Italian aristocrat Alessandro Lequio. 27-year-old Aless died of cancer in May 2020.

The Spanish beauty revealed she started the process of conceiving Aless’ baby the day “my child went to heaven.” 

“What people don’t know is that this was Aless’ last will,” Ana added as she addressed that her late son told her and Lequio about his wishes and had frozen his sperm before starting chemotherapy. 

The actress noted the process took three years because of legalities. And that legally, the little girl will be her daughter, but will always know that she is her grandmother. Ana, who opened up to HOLA about the new addition said it took several attempts for a pregnancy to result, adding that the process was quite a long road but asserted it was what kept her alive. 

She told HOLA regarding the newborn: “It’s just that if it weren’t for this, I wouldn’t be here anymore.” 

As to why she opted for a US-based surrogate, Ana stated: “The samples were preserved in the United States.” The move has been conceived as controversial, especially as Spain is one of the several countries where surrogacy is prohibited, according to Reuters. Speaking further, Ana insisted that she would tell the newborn about her father when she grows up, stating: “I will tell her that her father was a hero so that she knows who she is and how proud she should be of him.” 

The new addition is named Ana Sandra Lequio Obregón, nicknamed Anita. 

However, Ana has shared the interview on Instagram writing: “My Aless: I swore I would save you from cancer, and I failed you. I promised you I’d bring your daughter into the world and here she is in my arms. When I hug her, it’s an indescribable feeling because it’s as if I were hugging you again. I swear that I will take care of her with the infinite love that I have to give, and from heaven, you will help me.”

The actress concluded, as translated to English: “You are the love of my life in heaven and your daughter is the love of my life on earth. I love you to death. Mom ❤️”

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