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Dad Told Daughter, 9, That He Loves His Girlfriend More Than Her


Dad Told Daughter, 9, That He Loves His Girlfriend More Than Her

Can’t but imagine how the daughter felt!

A dad-of-one recently experienced the fury of the internet after telling the 9-year-old daughter that he loved his girlfriend more the way he loves her.

The dad revealed the confession came from a belief that reads ‘a man is expected to put his wife/spouse before anyone else,’ but unfortunately the internet had to set him straight, acknowledging that things don’t work that way.

Turning to Reddit, the 37-Year-Old dad explained in a post on Reddit that he and his GF have been together for years now. Before now, the dad also admitted knowing that this girlfriend, 38, had been quite strict with his daughter, but obviously cares for the daughter and her children as well.


He had heard unto a particular belief regarding kids as well. Majorly, that as a man, children come before his wife/spouse. ‘This is my belief and how I feel strongly.’ The dad wrote.

The dad went on to reveal that he’s scared of spending money on his GF but surely does purchase more gifts for her than his daughter. The girlfriend, he added also spends more on him as compared to her own children.


‘Her children never appeared to have a problem with it.’ The dad added. Well, it’s perhaps not surprising that his daughter is sensitive about the aforementioned. Super sensitive that the 9year-old took the courage to query her father a heartbreaking question.

‘My daughter asked me. Do you love your girlfriend more than me?’ The dad revealed. Of which, he gave her a crushing response – Yes.

Daughter’s question took the dad by surprise and he added saying a man is supposed to love his wife more than his kids. It’s evidently not what she hopes to hear. In fact, for the remaining car ride home, the dad revealed the daughter stayed really quiet.


He continued: ‘She appeared upset and I am wondering if maybe I should have just lied and said something entirely different. Though that’s how I feel and I didn’t want to lie to her.’

Instantly, the comment section of Reddit couldn’t let the dad have it. ‘You’ve got some issues and your little daughter is likely going to be traumatized.’ A user commented.

Another added; ‘You’ve traumatized your daughter. Putting your spouse before all others doesn’t imply you should ignore the needs and emotions of your kids. Being a parent doesn’t mean you should put someone else above all others, yourself included. I can’t imagine how much you don’t deserve the girl. My heart really breaks for her.


The harsh response did, however, made the father reconsider his decision. In an update post, the dad said he has realized he’s 100% wrong. He acknowledged going back to the daughter and explaining he made a huge mistake.

‘I so much love my daughter and I have spoken about the issue and that the love I have for my GF his different as compared to the love I have for her. I am definitely going to work on being a good parent and I have also spoken to my GF about being less harsh on daughter due to her perceived autism.’ The dad explained.

Preview photo: Morgan David de Lossy / unsplash

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