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Woman Sparks Outrage After She Admits Not Being Attracted To Raped Boyfriend


Woman Sparks Outrage After She Admits Not Being Attracted To Raped Boyfriend

It takes a lot of courage and trust to open to someone about your dark past.

When you decided to post on r/AITA, you know that either people will build up your courage, or point fingers at you to make it clear yes, YTA. The subreddit r/AITA stands for ‘Am I the *sshole’ and YTA is the abbreviation for ‘You’re the *sshole’.

Now, let’s jump into the main issue: a woman who clearly had a hunch that she was being a jerk, decided to ask if she was bad for not liking her boyfriend anymore after he admitted that he was sexually assaulted as a child.

She began: “He’s tall, muscular, blonde with blue eyes. He’s also really dominant and works at a start-up doing marketing. In general, he’s very smart, funny, yadda you get it. I like him.”

Then, she noticed their sex life had been different from her boyfriend and she asked him why. Her boyfriend opened up and revealed that he’d been seeing a therapist and dropped what seemed like a bomb for her. She wrote, “Then he tells me that he was raped as an 11-year-old by his stepbrother, multiple times when he was young.”

She continued, “This floored me as up until this point he seemed so macho and sort of like a “tough guy” and nows he’s confessing to being raped by another man while completely being in tears and holding me.”

She thought her image of her boyfriend had completely shattered and she feels even weird every time he texted her. Even though her friend suggested she kept trying to date him, she thinks it’s ending. So, the real question: “AITA?”

Well, the short answer is: yes.

One person commented, “I can’t even begin to imagine what OP’s (original poster) boyfriend must be feeling. And no matter what OP does, it sucks for the boyfriend. He’s either in a relationship with a woman that refuses to respect him because of a traumatic experience he had or she leaves.

“Obviously she needs to leave him so he can hopefully find someone a little more… human, but think about what her leaving would be telling him. It would be telling him that when people learn about his experience, they think less of him.

I don’t know about the boyfriend, but I’d have a hard time letting anyone in ever again after that.”

Another added, “You are the absolute worst kind of person. He trusted you enough to open up to you about his worst experience. You’re only human too and nobody can stop you from feeling this way but he deserves better than you. Somebody who is going to respect him for who he is.”

One more commented, “YTA. Your view of him was shattered because he was the victim of an awful, traumatic experience? Boohoo. He was raped. I hope nobody ever has to show you the kindness your boyfriend needs from you right now.”

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