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Mom Slammed For Her 7-Year-Old Son’s Lunch Being Full Of ‘Fatty Food’


Mom Slammed For Her 7-Year-Old Son’s Lunch Being Full Of ‘Fatty Food’

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A mom-of-three has been left worried that she’s been packing her lunchboxes incorrectly each day. This emerged after her son’s lunchbox was shamed by a seven-year-old in his class for being full of fatty food. On the Facebook group “Lunchbox Ideas Australia, Mandy shared that she packed two lunchboxes for her son to take to school with various sweet and savory snacks inside. 

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It had contained a sandwich, veggie straws, mini Ores, cheezels, cucumber sticks, lollies, and fruit. 

via Lunchbox Ideas Australia

But unfortunately, her son’s friends claimed it was all fatty food. “I’m worried now. He was lunchbox shamed by a seven-year-old,” Mandy captioned her post and sought advice from other parents. And so far, a few parents agreed with the seven-year-old and said the lunchbox was indeed over-packed with too much sugary food.

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One person wrote: “Too much sugar, in my opinion, remember sugar makes it harder for kids to concentrate in class.” While another suggested: “Probably few too many sweets and snacks. More protein to keep them full for longer. Maybe a yogurt if they would eat that.” However, some parents thought the food was perfectly fine. 

Someone commented: “If you want my honest opinion, I think the sweets and the snacks are a bit too much.”

via Lunchbox Ideas Australia

They admitted their children would love a lunchbox just like that. “This seven-year-old better have a degree in nutrition if you’re considering his advice, kids will eat what they eat, and mums know their own kids best.” Someone wrote. Another said: “Not at all. You need to put in what they will eat. I think it’s fine.” 

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