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Mom Slammed For Adding Boiled Egg To Her 4-Year-Old Daughter’s Lunch Box


Mom Slammed For Adding Boiled Egg To Her 4-Year-Old Daughter’s Lunch Box

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Recently, a mom posted a photo of her preschooler’s lunch on a popularly-known Facebook Group. The lunch box included a sandwich, vegetable chips, yogurt drops, chopped strawberries, an egg, and a muesli bar. But instead of friendly reactions, the mom got heavily slammed over her choice to add a boiled egg. 

Some moms in the group labeled her reckless due to allergy risk. A few slammed both the school and parents for being irresponsible. In contrast, others commented on how great the lunchbox appeared and even asked where the mom had picked up her yogurt drops.

A mom faced backlash after posting this photo of her daughter’s school lunch box on a Facebook group.

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“My daughter is allergic to eggs; it’s the most common allergy according to our allergist, more common than nuts.” One mom wrote. Another added: “One of my daughter’s friends from kindy was allergic to so much that even if someone touched a nut or egg and touched her, she would come out in welts.” 

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The mom herself stepped up to defend herself, claiming that egg isn’t an issue in her child’s classroom. She explained: “They have implied I don’t care about allergies which isn’t the case. My daughter also loves almonds, but I don’t send those or peanut butter sandwiches because of the allergy risk. There’s isn’t an egg issue in my daughter’s kinder. If there were a serious issue, I would never put a child’s life at risk.”

Reacting, some moms claimed they’ve never heard of an egg-free kinder but were instantly corrected. One mom has shed light, saying: “My daughter kinder is egg-free. I wish it weren’t as eggs are so versatile and healthy, but of course, because there is a child with that allergy, we don’t do eggs.” 

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