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Mom Slammed For One Detail In Her Son’s School Lunchbox


Mom Slammed For One Detail In Her Son’s School Lunchbox

There’re claims the items in the lunchbox could lead to food poisoning.

An Aussie mom identified as Tara was happy with the lunch she prepared for her little one. It had included a sandwich, yogurt, grapes, biscuits with Vegemite, popcorn, and some red pickled onions. However, after sharing the image to the Aldi Mums Facebook group, the ham, cheese, and mayonnaise sandwiches were instantly criticized

Tara, an Aussie mom, was recently blasted for one detail in her child’s school lunch.

Jason Briscoe [not the actual image]

One mom questioned if the ham sandwich was safe during Australia’s hot summer as it could lead to food poisoning if left in the child’s bag until lunchtime. The woman wrote: “Never gave my children meat in their school lunches in the summer heat. Even if you put an ice break in their lunch box, it soon gets hot.”

She shared a snap of the meal on a Facebook group, and it included a sandwich, grapes, biscuits, yogurt, & popcorn.

Aldi Mums Facebook

“What each classroom needs [is] a small fridge so kids can put their lunch in. They won’t get sick if they go without just one food item but could get poisoning from meat that has gone off. Plenty of other food items you can use as a substitute.” Another mom agreed and motivated Tara to be careful with the summer heat as it can affect food not kept in the fridge. 

Many couldn’t help but notice the ham and mayonnaise sandwich and urged schools to have small fridges.

Ello [not the actual image]

The other mom said: “They really need to supply fridges in classrooms so children can put their lunches and drinks in there.” Tara has since replied, claiming she puts an ice break pack alongside the lunchbox to keep the food chilled and revealed it’s usually still cold after school. Despite the conflicting opinions, many supported Tara. 

Some people were concerned about ham sandwiches in the summer, saying it could lead to food poisoning.

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One person wrote: “This looks great, especially those pickled onions! I love looking at Instagram for lunch ideas.” Another added: “I had ham sandwiches at school when I was a kid, not ice bricks; I lived to tell the tale. A third stated: “Back when we went to school, your ham sandwich was in your lunchbox in your school bag out in the sun with no cold packs. We must have been tough back then.” 

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