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TikToker Makes Amazing Hello Kitty Bentos For Husband Every Day

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Seriously, it really cheers you up when you are able to enjoy your lunchbox made with love by your partner after a tiring day at work. We can only drool in envy with what Lizastian’s husband has every single day. TikTok user Lizastian has become so popular because she never missed a single day in making Bentos!

Bento usually means home-packed lunch, but its international meaning has recently expanded to decorating and making cute lunch boxes.

The Russian housewife who’s currently based in San Fransisco, California, never missed a single lunch!


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She pours a lot of love into this, and it shows: below is kitty-shaped butter rice with chicken salad, dumplings with sauce, chips below the sliced tortillas, and a box of clover-cut pear slices.

Her menu always varies, from rice with fried chicken katsu to salad, dumplings, and all kinds of delicious snacks. She would make them into all kinds of cute shapes like bears, cats, and sometimes even with Sanrio themes like Helly Kitty!

Oh, and they are always nutritious, as she never missed including veggies and fruits while packing the lunchboxes! She dedicates hours at times to cuts the small piece and arranges them in a pretty way.

And below is the process of how she made the Hello Kitty lunchbox!


She uses food markers to draw the patterns on the buns and added a few berries in. She bought the macaroons and goodies off the Hello Kitty Café that visited San Fransisco not too long ago!

And done!