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Man Says Women Shouldn’t Ride Horses, Bikes, Or Motorcycles Because They Can Get Aroused, Gets Roasted By A TikToker


Man Says Women Shouldn’t Ride Horses, Bikes, Or Motorcycles Because They Can Get Aroused, Gets Roasted By A TikToker

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@aprilajoy has called out a man for objectifying women for basic activities like riding horses, motorbikes, and bicycles because, in his opinion, it’s s*xually arousing. His viewpoint has since been met with mixed reactions, but many seem to be against it. Notably, it signals toxic masculinity and a constant need to control women and their bodies. 

The world is undeniably filled with questionable individuals, and this man is no exception. Weighing in on the matter, the TikToker pointed out how the man’s thread had initially started with basic purity stuff that stated how women should stay as pure, innocent, clean, and modest as possible. 

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The alpha male then shared s*xual arousal & stimulation not for or from her husband makes a woman filthy.


And added: “This is a major part of why I believe women should not ride horses, bicycles, or motorbikes. It is weird and disgusting. Because women are sexually aroused and stimulated by the activities. Most of them have multiple O’s in these sessions.” In response, the TikToker insisted the tweet is where this alpha male really shows how threatened he is by horses.


The Alpha male also pointed out that a horse is huge, strong, muscled, powerful, and packing. It acts as a masculine figure for women to fall in love with and get attracted to. They also claimed a man who allows his wife to ride horses is a man who shares his wife with an animal, but it’s okay for women to ride horses sitting in front of their husbands with legs together.

“How can I even do satire when tweets like this are real?” April stated. 


She concluded with: “Even though Alpha Masculinity had one extreme take on horses, female pleasure, and purity, he is a product of purity culture as a whole. Churches that believe men should be above women in a marriage and that women’s bodies are stumbling blocks for men to lust after are teaching harmful theology that takes agency from women. It’s a prison. Women and good men should leave these churches that espouse this mindset. In the meantime, it’s okay to laugh at the absurdity of it all to heal from religion trauma which is why I try to call these guys out in a funny way.” 

So far, April’s video has received nearly 163K likes with the caption: “Imagine naming yourself Alpha Masculinity but being scared that a horse was gonna steal your girl.”

@aprilajoy guess I’ve been riding my bike wrong #whyaremen #christianmen #purityculture #christianhumor #exvangelical #evangelicalish #horses #greenscreen original sound – April Ajoy

Here’s How People Have Since Reacted In The Comments. 

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