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Johnny Depp’s Security Took Pics Of Injuries Because He Feared Amber Heard Would Make Abuse Allegations


Johnny Depp’s Security Took Pics Of Injuries Because He Feared Amber Heard Would Make Abuse Allegations

“I have never seen Mr. Depp being to violent anyone including Ms. Heard.”

Johnny Depp is suing his ex-wife, Amber Heard, after she implied she was a victim of domestic abuse amid her marriage in an op-ed article for The Washington Post. The defamation trial, held in Fairfax, Virginia, has been opening on what the couple was like behind closed doors. 

A recent bombshell emerged from Sean Bett, Depp’s head of security, who showed the court two close-up photos of the actor’s face, taken in March and December 2015.


Bett said the photos showed the actor with “a swollen kind of cheekbone, eyelid” and claimed Depp also sustained injuries in a December 2015 fight with the Aquaman actress. Photos equally showed Depp with scratches and bruises, with the guard telling jurors the affair between Depp and Heard began as loving but changed to every day arguing and bickering. 


Bett insisted Heard initiated most arguments with Depp and had at a dispute, lost it, calling the actor “a fat a**, f*** you too Johnny and you too Sean.”

The guard also accused Heard of throwing a water bottle at the actor and explained how one time, when Depp urged him to take Heard to their penthouse to ease the situation, he told her privately in the car that this couldn’t continue and stated, “you’re either going to kill each other or you’re going to end up in jail.” He added Heard eyes filled with tears, and she responded, “But I love him, and I’m not going to lose him.”

When asked if he saw injuries on Heard when he worked with the couple, Bett insisted: NO but did say he saw injuries on Depp. 

When they argued, Bett stated he also drove Depp away from the penthouse to his home in West Hollywood, but the couple often reconciled again in hours or days. “They would reconcile by talking. She’d have candles lit, a bottle of wine open. Depending on the night, she’d text me and have me pick up food at different restaurants,” Bett explained. 

In 2020, when Depp sued British Newspaper The Sun for libel because he was called a wife beater, Bett was urged to comment on what he experienced during his time with the couple. He shared: “I have never seen Mr. Depp being violent to anyone, including Ms. Heard during the long period I’ve been working for him. In addition, I have observed Ms. Heard throwing bottles, glasses and other objects at Mr. Depp while being verbally abusive towards him.”

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