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Amber Heard Shares Secretly Captured Photos Of ‘Passed Out’ Johnny Depp


Amber Heard Shares Secretly Captured Photos Of ‘Passed Out’ Johnny Depp

“I started to take pictures to say, ‘Look, this is happening.'”

Amber Heard has continued to testify on her second day and explained why she’s been snapping pictures of Johnny Depp, her then-husband, sleeping, and unconscious. The 36-year-old claimed those were pictures of him intoxicated from drugs and alcohol, meant to prove how he “lost control of himself.”

She took her stand and spoke, “I only could tell what he was using because I would have to look for clues.”


“[He’d] pass out, and get sick and lose control of himself. And then people would pick him up and clean him up and fix it.”

She continued, “And he wouldn’t either remember, or he would deny it, or he would accuse me of saying that this had happened when it didn’t. And there was no one to back me up. [It was] just him, his employees, and everyone who had been taking care of him versus my word, and so I started to take pictures [to] say: Look, this is happening.”

“I started to pick up on the clues, so I could figure out what I was dealing with. I understood enough about addiction to know you have to hit rock bottom, have some consequence to get better,” said the woman who admitted to taking mushrooms and MDMA before.


Explaining the one picture where Depp was sat up straight, passed out, Heard spoke, “This was after a several day binge of Johnny’s.”

“He was, you know, on a drug binge where I saw him not eating, [getting] little to no sleep, and he would just use cocaine and drink all day long. That would go for a period of time and then a major blow-up and then he’d get sick and pass out and then feel really awful and often including this time would start a period of sobriety after that.”

“At the time, I was already sensitive, Id’ been in the relationship for over a year. I’d already noticed there was this pattern of behavior changes that would make my life significantly more complicated or peaceful or difficult or wonderful dependent on what he was using.”


In all of these pictures, where he passed out with a jar of melted ice cream, Heard claimed that he’s been intoxicated.

Fairfax County Court

She added that Depp had a “bit of sobriety” when this picture was taken.

Fairfax County Court

Another picture where Johnny had his head on the bookshelf was during their ‘Lone Ranger’ press tour in Tokyo. She claimed that while his two children were staying in the other room, Depp called her a “nagging b***h” and “c**t”.

She further added that her father was also taking the same thing Depp took and would often spend time together because of it.


Heard also addresses her former husband’s jealousy issue, saying that the actor “hated” James Franco.

She recalled a fight from May 2014 on a plane and Heard spoke, “He was mad at me for taking the job with James Franco. He hated, hated James Franco and he was already accusing me of kind of secretly having a thing with him in my past because we had done ‘Pineapple Express’ together.”

Heard continued, “He called me a go-getter, he called me a slut – this is happening with security and his assistants on the plane. I slowly get up and he starts throwing things at me. Ice cubes, utensils. He’s calling me an embarrassment, what an embarrassment I am. It felt like there was a blackness in his eyes, it didn’t even feel like him.”

“I feel this boot in my back. He just kicked me in the back. I fell to the floor and felt like I was looking at the floor of the plane for a long time.”


“No one said anything. You could hear a pin drop. You could feel the tension but no one did anything.”

Depp then started drinking and “howling like an animal” before he passed out in the lavatory of the airplane with the door locked. She continued, “I hit record on my phone. I knew Johnny would not remember what he’d done.”

Depp appears laid back as he blasted Bob Marley’s “War” in the car on his way to the court.


Support for Depp was huge as fans held up signs outside the Fairfax court for Depp, who lost his role as Captain Jack Sparrow for the sixth installment of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’.


Heard’s claim that Depp slapped her 3 times for the first time over the tattoo was denied by the actor himself.


Depp’s side has denied the incident where he snapped over Heard laughing at his “Wino” tattoo and that it “didn’t happen.”

Watch Amber Heard spoke of the one time Depp attacked her from behind here.

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