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Johnny Depp’s Doctor Reveals He ‘Never’ Saw Amber Heard With Any Injuries From Domestic Violence


Johnny Depp’s Doctor Reveals He ‘Never’ Saw Amber Heard With Any Injuries From Domestic Violence

The truth is gradually unraveling.

In a testimony listened to at the Virginia court on Monday, Johnny Depp’s security guard Sean Bett has described taking photos of the actor as evidence after Heard allegedly assaulted him. The first abuse happened in March 2015, and Bett insisted Depp had a swollen cheekbone and eyelid. 

As the proof was shown to the jury, Bett stated: “[Depp] needed it as evidence in case Ms. Heard tried to make allegations. I was emphatic that’s a serious mark.”

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Fairfax County

The second fight happened in December 2015. Bett revealed they got into an argument, and Heard scratched Depp, pointing to his nose. “He had scratch marks around his nose area. On one of the sides of his face and the cheek area.” The court was shown three other photos; the first showed a laceration on the left side of Depp’s nose and a red scratch mark on the forehead, while the 2nd showed scratch marks on the right-hand side.

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Johnny Depp’s Doctor Reveals He ‘Never' Saw Amber Heard With Any Injuries From Domestic Violence 28

The third photo showed a scratch on the lower right part of the chin. However, Depp, 58, had appeared in court in a sleek ponytail and wore dark shades. Heard, 35, rocked blond curls swept to the side and a black suit.

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On April 21, 2016, Bett claimed he heard another blow up on Heard’s birthday because Depp was late when a meeting overran. As Depp arrived, Bett said Heard had a look that could tell she was upset and added that at some point, they had another argument, where she struck him in the face. To this, Judge Penney Azcarate ordered the testimony be struck from the record as it was hearsay.

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Furthermore, Bett [pictured] recalled an incident around 2012 or 2013 when Heard made disparaging comments about men to a friend and described how the couple went from being loving to arguing all the time. 

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However, it was alleged the night in May 2016 was the final confrontation between Depp and Heard at their penthouse before they divorced. Bett shared he and Jerry Judge, an ex-employee of Depp, had heard the screaming and shouting coming from Heard while they waited outside. But as it became louder, they rushed inside only to find that Heard had a look of surprise on her face, and Depp looked confused. 

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A testimony given by Depp’s former private doctor David Kipper has somewhat complicated the whole situation. In his deposition recorded, Kipper claimed he received two texts from Depp in 2015, in which the actor admitted he inflicted a gruesome injury himself. The court also heard an account where he allegedly ripped off Heard’s nightgown, groped her breasts, and strangled her neck.

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Kipper explained he instantly rushed to the house right after the finger incident and saw broken glass and blood on the floor, but no blood on the glass. 

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He then testified the actor also informed the doctors at the emergency room in Australia that he had cut his finger with a knife. 

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Kipper didn’t say anything about a broken bottle in his notes but insisted that Depp had texted him after the incident, for which he ultimately needed to get surgery. He claimed Depp had said in the text: “I cut the top of my middle finger off. What should I do?? Except, of course, go to a hospital. I’m so embarrassed for jumping into anything with her. F**K The WORLD!!!JD.”

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Kipper further said Depp again texted him more than a week after his emergency visit. 

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This time around, he was appreciative, saying: “Thank you for everything. I have chopped off my left middle finger as a reminder that I should never cut my finger off again!! I love you, brother. Johnny.” The texts were read aloud in the London courtroom as part of the proceedings of the battle against the British newspaper The Sun over a 2018 article that described Depp as a wife beater. 

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In another testimony that contradicts David Kipper, Johnny Depp’s ex-nurse, Debbie Lloyd recalled the time she had to search a torn-up home in Australia for the tip of the actor’s severed finger. In her testimony, Lloyd said she arrived at the house where Depp was staying amid filming “Pirates of the Caribbean” only to find a smashed-up TV and writing on the walls. 

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It has been widely believed that Heard had injured Depp during a fight. Lloyd is well-aware of such occurrences, especially as she had traveled with the then-couple in March 2015 and was even part of the team helping to treat Depp’s opioid addiction. Lloyd said in her video, played at the court that: “I have heard that Amber threw a bottle of Vodka at him. I have heard that he had slammed it with a phone.”

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Lloyd stated the house manager found Depp’s fingertip and brought it to the hospital. She then recalled hearing different stories about what led to the painful injury.

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So far, Heard has denied the allegations she threw a vodka bottle at him, and indeed, what transpired that night remains known between the exes.

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