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‘I Was On A Date With My New Sugar Daddy When I Bumped Into My Ex – I Ran Out Of The Restaurant’


‘I Was On A Date With My New Sugar Daddy When I Bumped Into My Ex – I Ran Out Of The Restaurant’

She possibly had wished for the ground to open for a swallow.

As much as we all like to believe our exes cease to exist, the harsh reality is that they are very much living their everyday lives, the same as you are doing. And while you’ve also cut off communication, seeing them face-to-face again is inevitable. It can be awkward when you bump into your ex in public, but then it can be tense when you’re on a date with someone new. 

It was so awkward when Kat J. bumped into her ex while on a date with her new sugar daddy.

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Kat J recently experienced an embarrassing moment! She went on a date with a new Sugar Daddy only to bump into her ex at the exact location. According to Kat, the date started pretty well, and her fresh catch had taken her to Sephora, where he treated her with a new fragrance. “Mr. James liked this one,” Kat said in her TikTok clip, showing a YSL perfume worth over £100. 

The date started pretty well when the pair first visited a fragrance store.


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Kat was treated with a YSL perfume worth over £100. 

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That wasn’t all. Kat claimed she requested that her sugar daddy add another bottle of Gucci “Bloom” perfume to the basket, and indeed, she got it for her Sneaky Link. The shopping spree was followed by a walk to a nearby restaurant, where the two decided to eat some seafood. But this, Kat revealed, was a HUGE MISTAKE. 

She also got a bottle of Gucci Bloom perfume for her SNEAKY LINK.

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It was at the nearby restaurant she bumped into her ex-BF. She explained: “He walked over to me and kissed me on my cheek.” As anyone would have reacted, Mr. James, Kat’s now ex-sugar daddy, got infuriated and told the ex to get his hands off his lady. Not knowing how to handle the scenario, Kat said she, without hesitation, ran home. 

But things took a twist when she bumped into her Ex at the food restaurant she and her sugar daddy went to.

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Some people were left confused about why Kat ran, while a few were unimpressed with the Ex’s move in the comments. “Ya X a menace for that. He knew exactly what he was doing.” One person said, and Kat did respond, saying: “Like why would he do that? Ruined everything!!!” 

The situation got so tense that Mr. James had to step in.

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Eventually, Kat RAN HOME as she didn’t know how to handle the situation.

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Why did you run, though? A second asked and claimed they would have said the Ex was their cousin. A fellow sugar baby shared a suggestion for Kat’s future dates. The person advised: “I never take my daddies to familiar restaurants. Take them out of town, different new expensive restaurants.” Following the incident, Kat has promised herself never to do such again. 

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