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‘I Went On A Second Date With A Guy, But Things Went From Bad To Worse’


‘I Went On A Second Date With A Guy, But Things Went From Bad To Worse’

Never again…

Having blunders on your first date is a shameful but funny story that you can learn and share with others for a laugh. But there are the ones that can be categorized as disaster-level, and these are the ones where people really want to get as much lesson as they can from.

Piper Lou shared how her nature date turned disastrous because of (warning!) crawlies.

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Piper Lou, who’s the CEO of a store that sells tees and tumblers with funny quotes and designs, shared that it’s actually their second date and she went on a little hike with the guy.

“I have the world’s smallest bladder,” the woman gave a background about herself. She told the man, “Hey, sorry, I gotta pee.”

“He thinks, ‘Wow, you’re so naturey!”” she continued.

She described, “My a** is out; it’s like a solid pee. It was too much of a pee where I couldn’t air-drip because I didn’t want to have wetness in my pants the rest of the day.”


Do you have a horrible dating disaster?!

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Piper thought it’d be fine to just grab a random leave to wipe it out. But she soon realized the horror and had to cut the date short.

“The next thing I know. I actually have ants all over me – in the vagina, in the jeans. Everywhere!”

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She and her date quickly went back down and find a home improvement shop to shake off her clothes from the ants. While that sounded horrible, people quickly pointed out things could’ve been worse as she didn’t seem to watch what kind of trees she plucked the leaf from.

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“When you said leaves…my mind went to poison oak. Thank God it was only ants!” one wrote.

She shared that despite all that happened, they did went for another date together!

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