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Candace Cameron Bure Wears Red To A Wedding, And It Sparks Debate Online


Candace Cameron Bure Wears Red To A Wedding, And It Sparks Debate Online

It’s safe to say they picked red because it’s festive and fun!

Candace Cameron Bure and daughter Natasha sparked up controversy with their wedding attire over the weekend. The actress and former The View host shared a photo of herself, her husband Valeri, and children, Natasha and Lev. In the Instagram post, Candace and Natasha wore strapless red dresses while Lev and Valeri donned suits.

Candace is no stranger to controversy, and her outfits rarely are the cause for upset.

However, people had quite a lot to say about the 45-Year-Old’s recent family photo. And while Candace announced she was excited about the upcoming wedding season, some people particularly lambasted Lev and Valeri’s decision to go sockless, as they claimed the father and son look too casual. 

However, Cameron, 45, and her daughter, Natasha, 23, raised eyebrows when they showed off their red dresses.

Both Candace and her daughter wore bright red strapless dresses to a wedding event.

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Instagram | @candancecbure

“Wedding season and I am HERE FOR IT!!! Mama gets another family pic (minus Maks, who’s away at college).” The actress captioned the gorgeous photos. Instantly, it appeared her outfit sparked an upset, with one of her followers saying: “While I absolutely love the red, it’s my favorite, it’s considered a no-no at weddings along with white!” 

Some critics pointed out that wearing a RED DRESS was a fashion faux pas.  

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Instagram | @candancecbure

People also criticized Lev and Valeri’s decision to go sockless.

Candace responded: “Anything goes in L.A. There were four women wearing dresses to the wedding.” Another of her followers insisted: “No matter where you live, red at a wedding is wrong as is white.” Things took a twisted turn when a third said that wearing red to the wedding implied you’ve been “intimate with the groom/his mistress!” 

But Candace responded, noting there are ‘different style rules in Los Angeles.’ 

candacecbure via Instagram

And despite the criticism, a few fans praised Candace and her family’s fashion-forward wedding looks. 

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