'Attention-Seeking' Woman Shamed For Wearing White Gown To Friend's Wedding

‘Attention-Seeking’ Woman Shamed For Wearing White Gown To Friend’s Wedding

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You’d think a new bride would’ve known better than attempt to upstage another bride after she’d just tied the knot on top of basically being a decent human being, several important notes to take when attending a western-style wedding.


I.e., not wearing a long, white gown or dress as if it’s your wedding. Most couples wouldn’t want to seem patronizing in their invitation cards by telling their guests not to wear white because that’s basic decency, especially if you’re a recently wedded woman.

“A girl I went to college with attended a wedding in this. She got married recently, so you’d think she’d understand the do’s and don’ts.”

She obviously did not, as she struts into the venue anyway in a full-white dress. There was not a single effort to at least try to add colors to her looks with a blazer, a belt, etc., to not appear like she’s trying to upstage the bride on her one and only special day.

The shameless white-wearing guest’s picture was soon uploaded to the ‘Wedding Shaming’ subreddit with more than 500 upvotes.

One user relates to this unpleasant sight, “I don’t get why people do this… I had a cousin do this at another cousin’s wedding even though her wedding was just a month before.”

Many users were livid at the brazen sight.