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Bill Nye Explains Why People Should Wear A Mask, And It Goes Viral


Bill Nye Explains Why People Should Wear A Mask, And It Goes Viral

Why is wearing a mask so painful to you?

It has been proven scientifically that wearing a mask does help with curbing the spread of the virus. The details are that double-layered cloth masks and common surgical masks prevent air droplets from our respiratory system to escape. Only N95 can prevent these droplets from entering into our respiratory system.

But some people do not care nor or worse, too lazy to wear one.


Bill Nye finally decided to do a TikTok video to share why wearing a mask is important.

He begins by explaining that masks prevent particles from one’s respiratory system from escaping and getting into others’ respiratory system. He proceeds to begin showing how this works with a very simple experiment to prove you can block the movement air.

He starts with a scarf.

Turns out it barely blocks any airway, although it keeps us warm during winter. So, no, scarves are no go to prevent the spread.

Next is a double-layered handmade mask with a pipe liner.

It appears to be very effective! The candles flicked a little and that’s all. Double-layered face masks are great! Yes, you can protect people around you as well as yourself!

Last is the N95 mask.

It works very well, it’s the most effective equipment that the medical staff wears as they work to care for patients. Obviously, it is very effective to prevent the spread!

“The reason we want you to wear a mask is to protect you, sure,” Bill said calmly, right before the storm. “But the main reason we want you to wear a mask is to protect me from you, and the particles from your respiratory system from getting into my respiratory system.”

“Everybody this is a matter, literally, of life and death.”

“So, when you’re out in public, please, wear a mask,” Bill finished his presentation. He ended the video with an attempt to blow the candle on his surgical mask. Pretty effective protection since he couldn’t blow the candle off with it on.

Watch the videos split into two parts.


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Check out more celebrities on supporting the campaign to encourage people to wear a mask. Although, it is very weird to see people need encouragement to literally protect themselves from a pandemic.

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