Ashley Graham Shares Her Favorite Body Parts And Invites People To Share Theirs

Ashley Graham Shares Her Favorite Body Parts And Invites People To Share Theirs

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Ashley Graham, a gorgeous body positivity advocate, and model always stun people with her beauty and self-love. Although she doesn’t upload a lot on TikTok, every time she does, they go viral.

Her most recent one was a challenge for people to do some self-love by praising their own bodies!


have you celebrated yourself today?

self love challenge – ashleygraham

She started by calling her legs the strongest part of her body, the sexiest being her eyes, and her favorite was her jawline.

Ashley Graham

The most important one is her smile, and she wouldn’t change anything about her body!

Ashley Graham

The video that went viral has been viewed more than 1.6 million times and liked more than 276k times.

She and more than 1700 people of various background, race, and culture did the self-love challenge so far.

skylarangel1 / siberian2110 / fatgirlmimi / emmagiordan0 / simba0o1 / nevaehvidales

Many users shared the same feelings as @victoriahernandez_14 who wouldn’t change everything about her body.

Some like @jillian.althenn saw their mental health as the most important part of the body.


TikTok user @cholie02 showed her hands as the most important to feel and experience this world.

For @prianotpriya, her brain is the sexiest part of her body!


TikTok user and mother @jastintrugly pointed to her womb as the most important part because it allowed her to carry a child for 9 months.


Meanwhile user @austinpeyton had a bright smile and together with that, his jawline, as his sexiest assets!

As for @iameterna, she touch her chest to show that her heart is the most important for her.


Many women agree with @ashleighdunn_ when it comes to the sexist part of their bodies: the breasts!


Oh, wait, many also agreed with @jacintamariexoxo, who had to show her sexy bu*ts!

Ashley Graham is super proud of everyone!

As she reshared some of her favorite ones, she wrote, “I’m not crying, you’re crying. So many beautiful people have been using my sound on TikTok to celebrate their bodies. Take a second today to celebrate yours!”