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Wendy Williams Mommy-Shamed Ashley Graham For Changing Son’s Diaper In Public


Wendy Williams Mommy-Shamed Ashley Graham For Changing Son’s Diaper In Public

Ashley isn’t the first, neither will be the last – Yet it raised eyebrows!

New moms are normally under a lot of pressure. All of a sudden, it’s their responsibility to predict what a little, crying human wants and urgently needs.

The worst part – this is done on minimal sleep. Celebrities, including Ashley Graham, have it even more challenging. Being a model in the spotlight, every move she makes is widely discussed and sometimes criticized.

Now, she has come under fire from Wendy Williams for openly changing her son’s diaper in an aisle of office supply store –Staples. Ashley likely predestined for this moment to go viral because it wasn’t a fan who spotted her.

She specifically had someone take a photo of the incident, which was later uploaded on Instagram. Reacting, Wendy made a note and revealed she’s got nothing but love for Ashley, but couldn’t believe she would something of such.

‘I really love Ashley Graham.’ Wendy Explained. ‘She’s been our show, we so much love her and I have seen her out socially. She is being mommy-shamed by me, coz I don’t like what she actually did.’

Ashley Graham welcomed Isaac, in January. Not sharing many details, Ashely shared a photo of just his right hand after birth with a caption that reads: ‘We welcomed 7lbs 50z of love into our world. Meeting our son has made our hearts extremely filled.’

Since sharing the news of his arrival, Ashley has also shared photos of herself breastfeeding and appearing quite tired. The first few weeks were tiring and Ashley ensured she documented every part. She uploaded her entire journey, including her beautiful stretch marks.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t imply that every moment she shared will be widely accepted. In particular, Wendy Williams wasn’t a fan. On the other hand, Ashley’s recent stunt is every mom’s worst nightmare.

The mom figured out a solution and took out her travel-sized changing pad, attending to her newborn right in the middle of Staples. She perhaps not the first and wouldn’t be the last to do something of such. Yet, it still raised eyebrows.

An Ashley fan wrote: ‘No Ashley, Staples has restrooms. You shouldn’t have put the baby on the floor. Please be more aware not every surface is clean.’

Other fans of Ashley felt the image was insulting and it’s likely a thing Isaac might cringe at later in life.

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