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Amber Heard ‘Never Really Loved’ Elon Musk And Was Filling Space With Him, According To Ex-Agent


Amber Heard ‘Never Really Loved’ Elon Musk And Was Filling Space With Him, According To Ex-Agent

When Heard started dating Musk is unknown but report’s date of July 2016.

On Wednesday, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s former talent agent Christian Carino testified through a prerecorded deposition played in the multi-million-dollar trial in Fairfax, Virginia. The subject matter was focused on billionaire tech Elon Musk’s relationship with Heard. 

Opening statements witnessed as Heard’s lawyers told the jury that Depp had been obsessed with Musk. 

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In the Pirates of the Caribbean libel trial against The Sun newspaper, which he lost in 2020, a text exchange was brought forth to light from Depp to Carino, in which he slammed the Tesla CEO for his affair with Heard and branded him “Mollusk.” In response, the couple’s former agent Carino insisted Heard never really loved Musk and was filing space with him. 

Carino also told the lawyers: “I don’t know whether they were dating, but they had definitely spent time together.”

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When asked how long [referring to the time Musk and Heard spent together] after a San Francisco reconciliation he had helped organize between Heard and Depp that he found out she was dating Musk, Carino added: “I don’t know exactly how long but not long after.” Some of Carino’s texts were further shared with the court, and in one, specifically in 2017, Heard had complained about her breakup with Musk.

“Dealing with a breakup. I hate when things go public. C, I’m so sad,” Amber’s message read.

Carino responded: “You weren’t in love with him and you told me a thousand times you were just filling space.” But Heard replied: “I know, but I wanted time to grieve and recover in my own time. Yet again another man lets me fall on the spikes by myself. They get mad for leaving me and put things like this out there.” Carino again responded: “You can avoid this by not dating uber-famous people.” 

The court weighed and urged the ex-talent agent to explain what he meant by Musk filling up space. He stated: “I’m saying, why would you be sad if you weren’t in love with him, to begin with?

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Amber Heard 'Never Really Loved' Elon Musk And Was Filling Space With Him, According To Ex-Agent 14
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Nigel Hallett

When Heard started dating Musk is somewhat unknown, but the first report’s date of July 2016. Depp’s legal team has opined she cheated on the actor with Musk, and employees of the building where the couple once shared an apartment have said the billionaire visited Heard on several occasions. However, the defamation trial started on 11th April, following Depp’s lawsuit against his ex-wife in March 2019. 

Depp argues Heard defamed him in December 2018 op-ed published in The Washington Post. 

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