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Ireland Baldwin Slammed Amber Heard As A “Disaster Human Being,” Says She Used Her Womanhood To Play The Victim


Ireland Baldwin Slammed Amber Heard As A “Disaster Human Being,” Says She Used Her Womanhood To Play The Victim

“I hope Johnny gets his reputation and his life back.”

Ireland Baldwin has made it public whose side she’s on in the ongoing defamation trial between Johnny Depp and his ex-wife Amber Heard. It’s no news the couple is embroiled in a court battle in Virginia, attempting to determine if a 2018 Washington Post article by Heard, in which she accused Depp of domestic abuse, defamed him.

Taking to Instagram, the model called Heard a ‘disaster of a human being’ & said she knows women exactly like this who turn the world against the man. 

Over her clip, Ireland, 26, stated: “The thing is, I know women who are exactly like this. They are manipulative and cold and they use their very womanhood to play victim and turn the world against the man because we live in a society where it’s cool to say men are all the worst and blah blah f**kity blah.”

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“Men can experience abuse too, and this absolute disaster of a human being is a terrible person, and I hope Johnny gets his reputation and his life back. And I hope he’s in like five pirates’ movies.”

The writer equally shared a TikTok by @j4jdeppotato, with a swirling eyes emotion of someone exposing the Milani’s All in One Correcting Kit 34-Year-Old Heard claimed she used to cover up alleged injuries. Interestingly, Milani Cosmetics has insisted it didn’t release the product that the Aquaman star said helped hide her bruises until after she and Depp parted ways. 

This comes after Depp was accused of slapping Heard three times in 2013, having laughed at his inked ‘Wino Forever’ tattoo and attacked her allegations she cheated on him with James Franco.

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Nearly seven years after Depp and Heard got married, the Pirates of the Caribbean star revealed in court that Heard was the one who was violent throughout their relationship. The 58-Year-Old attested that they had frequent arguments that included demeaning name-calling and bullying her but has never for once struck Heard.

He said when Heard strikeout, it could begin with a slap, throwing a TV remote, or a glass of wine in his face. 

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Depp said he removed himself from the situation, sometimes locking himself in the bathroom and that his main goal was to retreat. 

However, here’s a video of Depp’s reaction to the court finally hearing Heard admit to abusing him. 

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