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Johnny Depp Feared ‘Bloodbath’ During An Argument With Amber Heard As Court Heard In Audio


Johnny Depp Feared ‘Bloodbath’ During An Argument With Amber Heard As Court Heard In Audio

The trial continues.

As Johnny Depp returned to the stand for continued cross-examination by Heard’s attorney, Benjamin Rottenborn, Monday’s court hearing opened with the jury being played several audio clips of an argument between the Fantastic Beasts actor and Amber Heard. 

In one audio clip, Depp was heard telling Heard: “Walking away is necessary, is necessary, especially between you and I. it’s of utmost importance.”

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He continued: “The next move if I don’t walk away, it’s just going to be a bloodbath. Like it was on the island, it’s not worth it. Why be miserable? Can we just have some understanding? In response, Amber said she would obviously choose to walk away if given a choice instead of a bloodbath. 

Depp then responded: “Then why has it (a bloodbath) been chosen so many times? Rottenborn weighed in at this time and told the court that the term Bloodbath had come up previously during the trial. 

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On March 12, 2013, Depp had texted Heard, saying: “Just thought you should know there exists a book titled Disco Bloodbath, that’s all.” The title refers to the novel by Manhattan Celebutante James St. James about a murder among his circle of friends, widely known as the Club Kids. Heard allegedly responded to the message: “We need that book! Is it about last Friday night by any chance?” 

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Depp replied: “How can you make me smile about such a hideous moment. Yes, it is. Funny bi**h. I fu**ing love you, c**t.”

The court also heard another clip in which Heard told Depp: “You wouldn’t have used that as a way to hit me. I was pouring my heart out to you; what do you do? You do it without thinking. Throw a swing when you can. What better than when I’m on the floor because that’s when it’s really good to hit someone.” In the third audio, Heard tells Depp: “Put your f**king cigarette out on someone else.”

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Depp replies: “Shut up f a**.” When questioned about the audio, the actor explained: “I think that was another grossly exaggerated moment of Miss Heard. I didn’t put a cigarette out on her.”

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Another played in court revealed as Heard said: “I cry in my bedroom after I dumped you a week prior after you beat the s*** out of me. A week later, you show up saying you want to say goodbye. Depp replied: “I made a huge mistake. I won’t do it again.” In a separate recording, the couple can be heard arguing as Depp shouted: “You’re a f**king c**t!

In yet another audio clip, Depp tells Heard: “You stupid f**k! I don’t f**king care; you shut up with that! 

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Rottenborn challenged Depp on a faint clip, asking: “You heard Miss Heard say get off me?” However, Depp responded: “[ I heard] distant screaming, and I’ll talk to you later.” The court was further read aloud a text sent by Depp to his agent Christian Carino on August 15, 2016. The actor said of Heard in the exchange: “She will hit the wall hard!!! I can only hope that karma kicks in and takes the gift of breath from her.” 

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