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Woman Slammed For ‘Disrespectful’ Sleeping Position At The Airport


Woman Slammed For ‘Disrespectful’ Sleeping Position At The Airport

Are you against or for the traveller?

A traveler has been heavily criticized on social media for the location she decided to take a nap at a busy airport gate. The woman captured on camera snoozing on the floor, right in front of the chairs blocked two empty seats.

Labeled ‘Inconsiderate’, the woman’s photo was shared on an Instagram page titled ‘Travelcreeps’ with a caption that reads: ‘Becky, a 24-Year-Old influencer takes a moment to reflect as well as to enjoy the stares she’s getting from her followers by greedily taking up two seats.’

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Inundated with comments, the picture since shared has received hundreds of likes, with some users saying she was being rude while others disagreed saying it wouldn’t have been challenging to ask her to move.

A user wrote: ‘I would have stepped over her and sat down. How disrespectful is so bad on numerous levels.

Another agreed: ‘I totally agree with you, I would just say excuse me I am about to sit on the floor unless you want my feet on your body, so you move.’

Others rushed to defend Becky’s act, with a third saying: ‘If anyone wanted to seat they could have just asked her to move.’

‘It’s clear no one wanted to seat. If you look there are other empty seats they could have asked her to move.’ A fourth added.

Another user added: ‘Damn! She’s exhausted, let her get some rest. There are plenty of other empty seats.’

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