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26 Straight-To-The-Point Pics From Airports That Any Passenger Can Relate With


26 Straight-To-The-Point Pics From Airports That Any Passenger Can Relate With

What kind of people go to the airport?

Whenever you have to go to the airport for traveling, you can always meet all kinds of people. Those who are excited to visit a new place to a new place for those who are sad to leave a place they call home. And then, there are people who have to make their personalities and existence as clear as possible.

Don’t forget about the fact that people have to go through all sorts of inspections and security measures especially when going through international flights. That’s how Green lemon just can’t help sharing these relatable pictures from the airport.

1. Airport is unbelievable expensive.

© L1GHTN1NG / twitter

2. Meanwhile in Denmark, they had this sign at Aalborg Airport.

© froncerro / reddit

3. Security inspection getting super awkward.

© breakno / reddit

4. Yeah, these boards that run 24/7 can face memory issues as well.

© sirbrett84 / flickr   © onetrontorulethemall / reddit

5. The kind of hero we all need at the airports.

© iProcione / pikabu

6. At least, this sandwich is affordable.

© lol1000000 / pikabu

7. Taking selfies at the airport be like:

© Bman74 / reddit

8. You can meet the most interesting people at the airport.

© slivr33 / reddit

9. And they can be truly extravagant.

© femica u kafenom / twitter

10. Undoubtedly, naps are super important.

© Himanshu_cus / Reddit

11. And even more naps…

© talk2kj / imgur

12. Even Stephen King can’t help but experience nap at the airport as well.

© bunker_underground / reddit

13. This man is so prepared.

© livingdangerously / reddit

14. Delayed flight? Are you a professional photographer? Time to get good pictures with long exposure.

© JonLuca / reddit

15. Even proposals to those who don’t want to leave things undone!

© Kelsey Trabue / youtube

16. And pilots who don’t want to wait another flight to pop the question.

© Aaron Vergara / youtube

17. This wedding photography session.

© MidnightWineRed / Reddit

18. And then there’s this woman with her smoked fish.

© levoepolusharie / pikabu

19. This precious view from the plane.

© picklejewce / reddit

20. This beautiful moment of happiness of finally reuniting with your loved ones.

© soft-red / reddit

21. This girl with her warm welcome.

© lykaon78 / reddit

22. These sushi-cover for your luggage.

© iProcione / pikabu

23. The baggage carousel with this last thing left on it.

© Protopups / pikabu

24. We have questions.

© ID.first / youtube

25. Aw, even kitty needs to travel.

© iProcione / pikabu

26. This face we all have when the flight gets bumpy.

© affekt / pikabu

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