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15 Fashion Moments That Cannot Be Rationally Explained


15 Fashion Moments That Cannot Be Rationally Explained

Someone has to stop these people.

Fashion is such a versatile field. It is a mix of art, functionality, culture, and even technology at the same time. Designers from all around the world bring their creative minds into international runway stages. And sometimes, without meaning to insult anyone, we get some very bizzare runway moments that has us looking at each other and ask, “What’s going on?”

That’s what’s happening here, except that we have the luck of not having to be there to witness these things ourselves. Nor do we have to hold ourselves hard from laughing at what’s happening.

In case people can’t understand your sentence or read your text, maybe this dress is necessary.

weirdest fashion show looks 8
Getty Images

She’s wearing Vivienne Westwood’s set at the London Fashion Week.

weirdest fashion show looks 9
Getty Images

At least Viktor & Rolf Spring Summer 2019’s collection does ring true with our inner voices.

weirdest fashion show looks 10
Getty Images

And it’s just hard to not hard agree with these dresses sometimes. Can our parents stop snapping our pictures already?

weirdest fashion show looks 11
Getty Images

Not the kind of street fashion you imagine.

weirdest fashion show looks 12
Getty Images

Milan Fashion Week 2015 sees a mental health awareness with some mind-blowing, theatrical approach of themes.

weirdest fashion show looks 13

Let’s be honest, we’ve at least dreamed about wearing wings once.

weirdest fashion show looks 14
Getty Images

Rick Owens does it his way with his Spring 2016 runway show and made models carry other models for the walk.

weirdest fashion show looks 15
Getty Images

According to Owens, these are metaphorical depiction of pregnancy being forcefully emulated through the walk.

weirdest fashion show looks 1
Alain Gil-Gonzalez

But most people couldn’t help but see how awkward and physically painful these walks are.

weirdest fashion show looks 2
Alain Gil-Gonzalez

Giambattista Valli Ready to Wear fashion show takes sparkly makeup to a whole new level.

weirdest fashion show looks 3
Getty Images

If you can wear Twitter, this dress from Viktor & Rolf Spring Summer 2019 will be it.

weirdest fashion show looks 4
Getty Images

Moschino Ready to Wear fashion show at the 2017 Milan Fashion Week has us wondering just how much chain is too much.

weirdest fashion show looks 5
Getty Images

Emilio Pucci’s creative director, Massimo Giorgetti for the Spring 2015’s aggresive, vibrant, comedic runway.

weirdest fashion show looks 6
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When you’re supposed to get ready now, but you’re lazing around, and your mom caught you still in your loungewear.

weirdest fashion show looks 7
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