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Chinese Woman Opens Plane’s Emergency Door For ‘Fresh Air’


Chinese Woman Opens Plane’s Emergency Door For ‘Fresh Air’

This isn’t a joke or April’s Fool. This is real.

Doesn’t seem like people grow up with common sense even after they’ve acquired their own social security numbers, ID, and passport. Even though all that, there will still be people who do not wish to read and respect signs that strongly prohibit them from doing things.

Green Lemon has spotted another wild passenger on the Internet.

A female passenger on Xiamen Airlines flight MF8215 opened the emergency door moments before take-off because it was stuffy.

planned open too stuffy passenger arrested 1

Yes, she nonchalantly just decided to open that as anyone would with a fan because it was stuffy. Pretty sure airplanes have never had a security guard standing on every emergency exit to prevent people who had just decided to open the door as if they’re in a shop.

Unfortunately, they may have to employ one now.

Because of her ignorance, the flight had to be delayed for an hour at Wuhan Tianhe International Airport in Central China.

planned open too stuffy passenger arrested 2

The cabin crews were shocked at the major safety breach after they notice the door was opened by a middle-aged woman.

planned open too stuffy passenger arrested 3

18 million people have watched the video and were dumbfounded on the incident on the flight that was heading towards Lanzhou, Gansu. No information regarding the woman was released and she may suffer from a permanent travel ban due to her stunt.

Back in 2014, a passenger on Tianmen flight was also arrested for a similar offense. Well, to see that another has repeated this seems to say a lot about the common sense people have these days.

Let’s hope more people have learned to have common sense and not act like they own the plane anymore in the future.

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