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Woman Shares How She Has Been Hilariously Stuck In Self-Isolation With A Man She Just Met On Hinge


Woman Shares How She Has Been Hilariously Stuck In Self-Isolation With A Man She Just Met On Hinge

She was forced to isolate with this man due to the situation.

Social distancing is being highly encouraged and put in place to prevent the spread of Covid-19. That means many people are stuck at home and get more time to spend with their loved ones. A certain woman, however, got stuck with a man she’d just met on Hinge.

This woman, Thea de Gallier, is in self-isolation with Hinge date she’s just met 5 days ago.

It has been two weeks since they’re locked together and all they can do is make the best out of the situation. Thea works for BBC Three and has been sharing her experience on Twitter, giving people the rom-com content they so need right now.

People call them a “modern love story” and the two have actually came up with nicknames “posh twat” and “povvo” for each other.

Thea began her Twitter thread, “It’s time I did my public service and offered you all a bit of light relief. I’ve seen a lot of jokes about meeting someone and ending up having to self-isolate with them after one night together. Readers, I am in isolation with a man I met on Hinge last Thursday.”

That summary was enough to hook anyone up with her story. I’m completely sold. She continued, “How’s it been so far, you ask?Well, his dog hated me at first but now happily sits on me, I’ve done a terrible Chewbacca impression, I’m wholeheartedly using this situation to give my WhatsApp groups the content they need and want.”

And how have the two of them fare with this completely new situation?

“We’ve pooled our food resources. I’ve quit smoking. I’ve introduced him to EastEnders (devastated by today’s news). We banish each other to separate rooms for space but still send memes.”

“There’s the practical aspect that we can convert one of our flats to a food bunker if necessary (don’t worry, we’re not idiots going out and stockpiling bog roll).”

She added, “After living alone for the past year though, this is quite an unprecedented adjustment.”

People continued to wonder if they may have found some kind of chemistry within them. Well, we’ll let you be the judge because this is what Thea said, “We are, let’s say, from opposite ends of the class scale but have dealt with this in good humour by calling each other (respectively) “posh twat” and “povvo” #coronavirusuk.”

And to singleton’s annoyance, she can’t help but share what a ‘perfect timing’ this was. “Those who know me know how much of a committed stone-hearted pessimist I am. So I’m sorry to get all cute but for two people who live alone, this has been perfect timing. Now we just need Craig David to resurface and write a day-by-day song about it.”

Week two will get you so hooked on this story you just can’t with not hearing from them more.

Thea wrote, “Week 2 of #isolationandchill begins! Incredibly, we haven’t come to blows (yet), we’re not sick of each other (yet), we’re actually… having a lovely time and sickeningly into each other? I know this is VERY off-brand for me.”

“Wonder what delights our fortnight-aversary will bring? Pot noodles and re-runs of classic Eastenders I reckon.”

People are INVESTED.

Source: Mirror

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