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Woman Braving Saves A Scorched Koala With The Shirt Off Her Own Back


Woman Braving Saves A Scorched Koala With The Shirt Off Her Own Back

The earth is burning.

Koala has been under the Red List as a vulnerable species, but Australia, its original habitat, is being threatened. Currently, bushfires are desecrating natural habitats where native species live, including koalas. More than 2.5 million acres of Australia’s east coast has turned to ash.

Firefighters, volunteers, and SAR teams have been working tirelessly for days. 530 homes have been destroyed and along with that 6 lives have been taken.

Forests such as this one are vital to koalas, who spend the majority of their life on trees.

During forest fires, these koalas walk straight up to death because they naturally climb to the top of the trees when in danger.

It’s predicted that over 350 koalas have been killed in these fires that mercilessly swallow their natural habitat, leaving on death behind in NSW.

That’s when footage of a woman braving through fire to save a burning koala.

Using her own clothes, she carried and quickly moved the koala to safety.

This is just one out of more than 30 koalas that are being treated at Port Macquarie Koala Hospital.

NGOs and hospitals have set up GoFundMe campaign to install automatic drinking stations to help the wildlife in burning areas.

More than $897,000 has been raised out of the $25,000 goal, allowing them to expand the project.

The koalas are quickly drenched in fire and provided water for emergency care.

After which they are quickly driven to the closest exotic pet hospital.

This guy is now named Ellenborough Lewis and has been treated at the 5-star accommodation Koala Hospital.

Twitter is shedding tears for this catastrophe and her selfless acts.

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