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Wife Goes Numb After Husband Cried And Asked Her To Get Botox


Wife Goes Numb After Husband Cried And Asked Her To Get Botox

‘My happiness is causing my husband pain.’

Yes, the title alone is enough to make any woman grow mad. How can a husband demand for her wife to go through plastic surgery just so she can maintain her looks? It’s different for women who chose to retain their youthful looks and keep the wrinkles away on their own accord.

This woman shared on Reddit the most shocking request her husband made.

Wife Goes Numb After Husband Cried And Asked Her To Get Botox

Stunned, shaken, hurt. Those were such an accurate way to depict what any woman would feel to have their husband they just vow lifelong love with less than half a year ago say they want them getting Botox.

As time goes by, however, she tried not to take it too seriously and joke about it. But she noticed something else was going on. “Lately he’s been crying every day, saying it makes him feel better. We’ll have a nice couple of hours and then I’ll notice his mood change,” she continued.

Then, the Botox topic got brought up again, albeit done jokingly. When she finally asked why was he so keen to ask her of that, she quoted him saying, “It f*cks me up to see you smile or laugh.”

She recalled, “My mind went numb. I didn’t feel angry or surprised.”

“I told him that when I look at him, I see perfection. And why don’t I deserve the same? I love him and I know he loves me.”

But our lady isn’t having any of it.

Wife Goes Numb After Husband Cried And Asked Her To Get Botox

People were obviously enraged at her husband.

One person wrote, “This. Is. Insane.”

Another one chimed in, “Yeah, he sounds like he has some serious mental issues. This isn’t about you. He needs some therapy to figure out what is going on.”

She later opened up more about his husband’s childhood background.

“We dated for 5 years before getting married. He grew up with divorced parents who were both extremely manipulative IMO (and his), so I chalk a lot of his hypercriticism to childhood trauma and insecurities. He told me out of the blue 6 months before our wedding that he didn’t like that I look older than him.”

“I think he thinks he looks much younger than he actually does. He’s told me he thinks people look at us and think it’s a mismatch. But then he also will tell me he thinks I’m more attractive than he is. I’ve told him that I think this all has nothing to do with me and everything to do with his own self-image. But it still hurts when I receive the jab.”

There has been no further updates about her marriage life, but we sincerely hope that either he gets some mental help or she gets a closure from his controlling behavior.

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