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Single Mother-Of-Two Shares Her Battle To Overcome Her Marriage Split


Single Mother-Of-Two Shares Her Battle To Overcome Her Marriage Split

She was devastated, she didn’t want to live. But she didn’t want to die either.

Rosie Green has always loved her family and craved security in her relationship. Until December 22 last year, she was a happy wife and mother of two teenage children. But she didn’t know that it was going to be a painful Christmas where it won’t be the four of them anymore.

Her marriage of 15 years could not be salvaged.

She was married to her university boyfriend and had been together with him for 20 years. But he walked out the door without looking back. She wrote I followed him around the house, begging and pleading. He looked at me coldly.”

“His mind was made up,” Rosie stated. Added by the fact that in 3 days’ time, it would be when everyone was having fun with their family and friends. Meanwhile, it was just nightmarish and surreal for her.

She drove the next day with the kids and presents to her cousin, 5 hours away. The days felt better with the presence of loved ones, but January was another hard challenge. It was the time of the year where lawyers are bombarded with divorce requests.

Fortunately, she could feel the real love of close friends and family members. She wrote, “There were endless calls, food delivered to my door, messages, and hugs. Others rallied round to help me find work.”

She continued with her trip in February, “In late February my son, my daughter and I went to Abu Dhabi to see old friends, and the warmth of the sun and their welcome was a balm for us all.” After that, she went to meet her dad who’s also separated from her mother and is living with his partner in Spain now.

She met her dad in Spain who urged to be detached from that man.

She felt the truth in it and was slowly recovering. She began to feel warmth in her soul again. By summer time, she was hanging out with friends and swimming in the River Thames. She even felt the first romantic interest after beating herself up for the past 6 months.

Among the lovely, uplifting messages she received, some were from men who now know she’s available. One of them, a young photographer, went on a date with her 4 times. But he was young, so it did not go further. But she was happier and excited about this new feeling.

By autumn, she began to see that animosity with her ex will not bear her good. She was uplifted when she sees her children grow stronger through all the hard times. She felt liberated with all the possibilities.

She was looking for new love again before realizing it. She found another man, sexier, smarter and more attractive. Simply considering the possibility was beautiful and she was even excited at the thought of going on a date, something she did not properly enjoy with her ex.

She still feels sad, but it has gotten better since then. She thought this is going to be another painful Christmas with trauma, but she found herself getting her son hauling the tree into the house. She found her heart fluttering for a new romantic interest.

But on top of that all, she found happiness once again.

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