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TikToker Urges People To Stop Reminding Robert Irwin His Father Is Dead Each Time He Posts A Video


TikToker Urges People To Stop Reminding Robert Irwin His Father Is Dead Each Time He Posts A Video

Let’s keep the comments respectful and kindhearted.

Robert Irwin is officially on TikTok. You may have observed how each time he posts an education video hinged on animal facts; the comment sections are often filled with grief messages for his later dad, Steve “The Crocodile Hunter” Irwin. 

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It’s absolutely normal to want to share memories of Steve, but there should be a time and place for such and not under a clip of Robert enjoying some BMX riding. 

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Such messages aren’t also expected to be shared under a video of him enjoying a holiday around Australia. But as seen, it appears people just don’t comprehend. Addressing the subject matter, user @saggymaggie, in her newest post, summed it up best as she captured the entire mood of Rob’s comment section. 

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Messages such as “Your dad is dead, and I miss him” and “Your father was way cooler” appear in the comment section of Rob’s clip. 

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Steve’s death was no doubt a huge tragedy, and talking about him somewhat brings great comfort to people. But being overly dramatic about it and not minding how his son will feel at the sight of such comments is really heartbreaking. Even Maggie herself couldn’t help but feel cold as she read aloud some of the comments [pictured above].

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Besides, if these comments were shared under this touching tribute from Rob for the recent American Father’s Day, it would have been OK. 


I had the best dad in the world. Thinking of him and remembering nothing but fun times. I hope you all had a wonderful Father’s Day in the US – sending love to those who couldn’t celebrate with their Dad ❤️

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Maggie couldn’t hold back how she felt about them, and it was indeed a wake-up call to always keep your comments respectful and kindhearted. And thankfully, most of her audience did agree with her observation, urging that responses on Rob’s videos henceforth shouldn’t be straight-up traumatic or perhaps words that could hurt him in one way or the other. 

Here’s How People Reacted To Maggie’s Video: 

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