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Supervisors Left CVS Employee To Run Store Alone, He Closes Store To Go On Break


Supervisors Left CVS Employee To Run Store Alone, He Closes Store To Go On Break

“I’m not getting paid enough.”

The United States has faced a labor shortage due to companies cutting down on staffing and employees refusing to work for toxic and exploitive companies. CVS is the newest to join the ranksas one of its employees has complained about being left by supervisors to run the store alone. 

Taking to TikTok, Mario alleged that rather than doing their job [the supervisors], they handed him the keys and told him “do what you gotta do” and close up himself. 

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The cashier in his video, now-viral, revealed he eventually completed an entire workday but closed the store at a point to take the breaks his shift permitted. He stated: “I closed the f**king door for my break and my lunch. I’m not about to f**king not take a lunch. I’m not getting paid enough.” 

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In the comments, people rallied to support Mario, telling him it’s far more common than one would think to be left alone to work. 

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One person commented: “The amount of times I did the same thing when I was working for a check cashing place. I don’t miss that place at all now. I’m my own boss.” Another said: “I literally work at CVS, and I did the exact same thing. I closed [for] my lunch.” A few pointed out it’s essential to take the breaks workers are allowed by law and not give the company unpaid work. 

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A third wrote: “TAKE THAT BREAK FRIEND.” While a fourth added: “Keep doing what you doing man. Wish I could bring you to my corporation.” 

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In a follow-up clip, Mario explained his manager was impressed with what he did and alleged his action was only discovered because a customer gave him a bad review for taking a 15-minute break. He admitted the manager offered him an expedited path to become a supervisor, but sadly, Mario was fired from CVS about a week later. 

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“Keep the positive energy going! You’ll find something better, as you know, never settle. It happened for a reason!” Someone wrote in the comment of this video. 

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