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Burger King Employee Says He’ll Pay For His Grandkids To Go To College As His GoFundMe Has Surpassed $157,000


Burger King Employee Says He’ll Pay For His Grandkids To Go To College As His GoFundMe Has Surpassed $157,000

He had received a goody bag and cake for his 27 years of service.

Generosity still exists, and Mr. Kevin Ford is fortunate to receive such acts of kindness. The 60-Year-Old worker at Burger King has now bagged over $157,000 through GoFundMe. He had worked at a Las Vegas Airport branch of the company for 27years without missing a shift. 

And just as he celebrated his work anniversary, a video captured he was gifted a bag of candy, a coffee tumbler, a lanyard, some pens, and a movie ticket.

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Ford was grateful for the gesture, revealing some people work hard and don’t get anything. But internet users who watched the video [now-viral] protested he deserved more than what he got. His daughter, Seryna, had reportedly explained her dad started working at the company as a single father to gain custody of his first two children. 

“I was grateful for anything. There are people I have worked with for 20 or 30 years, and they didn’t get anything. I am happy with anything. I am grateful and happy,” Ford said in an interview with NewsNationNow.

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He added: “I am just thankful that I got that. The generosity of these people is just overwhelming. I’ve been crying for three days now. I can’t believe it. I really can’t.  Ford continued to speak about how he had committed to his work: “I don’t know myself. I don’t know how i did that! Maybe I’m a robot? I just never thought about taking a day off. I just try to work as hard as I can, whatever I do.”

The employee wasn’t the only one feeling grateful. His daughter, Seryna, has been left overwhelmed by the donations on GoFundMe.

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Seryna revealed her dad continued to work there because of the amazing health insurance they offered. “My dad continues to work here because though he does look young, he is coming up on retirement age, and leaving would cost him his retirement. In no way are we asking for money or is he expecting any money, but if anyone feels like blessing him, he would love to visit his grandchildren.”

So far, the fundraiser has put a smile on both Ford and Seryna’s faces and has even moved them to tears. 

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Seryna further appreciated: ‘I’m here trying to get through dinner without crying! You are such remarkable people. I seriously can’t believe this. Y’all are changing his life! Thank y’all! A million times over, THANK YOU!!!!’ Of the avalanche of benefactors, celebrity comedian David Spade donated $5,000 to Ford.

The comedian even had a chat with the Burger King worker via Instagram.

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Spade reportedly messaged Ford, saying: “Keep up the good work. 27 years.” In amazement, Ford responded: “Holy s**t dude [three shocked face emojis].”

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Ford added: “THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! For even watching the video! I love you, my brother!!! Much love and God Bless… I think might be able to take a day off.” Reacting, Spade humorously replied to Kevin, asking him to “wait till year 30” before taking any time off. To a viral video earlier released where Ford had claimed “loyalty pays off,” many Twitter users had been left displeased 

One user claimed the video was ‘depressing’ and ‘embarrassing.’ Another hit at Burger King: “This is all y’all could do for this man?” Some also felt Ford deserved an ‘all-expense-paid trip.’ 

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